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“I could barely look at my own reflection”: Emily Blunt Was Disgusted With Her Own Appearance in $173M Thriller, Claimed They Deliberately Made Her Ugly

"I could barely look at my own reflection": Emily Blunt Was Disgusted With Her Own Appearance in $173M Thriller, Claimed They Deliberately Made Her Ugly

Emily Blunt has a knack for portraying her characters in the most perfect way possible. Having gotten her breakthrough with roles in Gideon’s Daughter and The Devil Wears Prada, she continued to expand her acting profile with several amazing roles. Given her potential, it won’t be an exaggeration that she does her best to mold herself into her role which is one of the key traits of being a great actor.

Emily Blunt
British actress, Emily Blunt

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Something similar was seen when she portrayed her alcoholic role in the thriller, The Girl on the Train. The film not only garnered critical acclaim but also skyrocketed her career which got a BAFTA nomination for her portrayal. However, the actress was not much happy about her appearance in the film.

Emily Blunt’s Thoughts on Her Appearance in The Girl on the Train

Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train
Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train

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The 40-year-old actress in a 2016 interview with opened up about being horrified when she first saw her appearance in the hit film, The Girl on the Train. She felt “awful” looking at herself which happened after the makeup team made her worse by adding more details to her no-makeup look.

“It was hard seeing myself look so awful. I came into work with no make-up and they would make me look even worse, adding rosacea and bags.”

Emily Blunt further commented on her appearance, “I could barely look at my own reflection.”

The actress plays the role of Rachel Watson, an alcoholic divorcée on the train who may or may not have witnessed a murder.


Emily Blunt Didn’t Mind a Makeup Element That She Was Quite Fascinated With

Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train
Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train

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While she hated her transformation which only meant to make her character more realistic like a boozy drinker, she had no issue with contact lenses that enhanced her look.

She told the outlet,

“I also had full contact lenses that covered my entire eyes for the really drunk stuff that gave the whites of my eye a bloodshot effect. And there were different levels, like pink was a bit buzzed, and then raging drunk was a really red eye.”

She continued,

“I loved the contact lenses because it gives such a strange glassiness. People look scary when they’re really drunk — there’s something in their eyes that is so crazy.”

Her makeup was done by makeup artist, Kyra Panchenko who gave her the best shot at turning the character alive. In an Instyle interview, film director, Tate Taylor stated that he often asked the crew to “make her look a little more drunk and ugly?”
It was because her natural look was too pretty which was reflected despite making her character look haggard. She eventually pulled off the role with critics praising her performance.
The Girl on the Train is available on Netflix.


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