‘I could no longer say mid-20s’: Amber Heard’s Staunchest Supporter Julia Fox Was Crying Because of Some Truly Diva Problems on Her 27th Birthday

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Actress Julia Fox, who made her acting debut in 2019 with the movie Uncut Gems, turned thirty-two just this year. She made quite a few headlines in support of Amber Heard during the court case against actor Johnny Depp. She found herself receiving backlash for the same. She also made news as Kanye West’s girlfriend, though the pair have now split up.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox

Well, the actress has again found her way to the news. However, this time, it’s not as controversial as the last time. Many people, especially women, might even relate to her story as it seems to be quite a first-world problem in every corner of the planet. Julia Fox posted a video where she recalled her reaction to turning twenty-seven, it wasn’t happy, to say the least.

Julia Fox Recalls Her Diva Moment

Julia Fox and Kanye West
Julia Fox and Kanye West

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The video was posted by Julia Fox on her TikTok account where she replied to a certain user’s hate comment. The comment stated “Girl, what are you 30? Please.” The very apparent dig at the actress’ age did not fly too well with Fox.

She called out the user in her TikTok and stated that being thirty did not mean being old. Her acceptance of the fact came after she went through having an opposite mentality in the past than now. She recalled an incident that took place back in 2017, where she wasn’t all that comfortable with her age. She stated that turning twenty-seven was an unfortunate reality for her as she could no longer say to the world that she is in her mid-twenties.

But I literally cried on my twenty seventh birthday because I could no longer say, mid-twenties. I’d officially be in my late-twenties.”

She called the user a ‘Karen’ stating that the ‘K’ in her name probably stands for Karen, a name given to women who are constantly being a menace to people who are just living their life. She even called out the problematic ‘you look good for your age’ compliment.


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Julia Fox Has Now Moved On From That Mentality

julia fox
Actress Julia Fox

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In the video, she lets the viewers know that aging isn’t a monotonous path for some women. She added “this is how deep this sh*t is for women” making a point that for some women, aging is a more dreaded topic of discussion.


The No Sudden Move actress continued to recall that while she was “such a tyrant” back on her big day, she now regrets how she reacted. She stated that her late friend, Harmony, had flown in specially to see her, because she knew Fox would be taking it really hard. The actress, however, hushed all her friends out and declared that no one would be celebrating her turning twenty-seven. She stated that she now realizes how sad her reaction was. She added that people shouldn’t deny themselves any milestones, even if it is just turning 27.

And that’s sad because Harmony, the girl I was with, she died. She is not even gonna have the privilege of getting older. So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?”

She is now a complete advocate for aging as she believes that aging is “fully in.” Fox also added that if she sees another anti-aging product, she will sue the company as a $500 serum cannot possibly stop aging.

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