“I cried when I heard the news!”: Beetlejuice Star Jenna Ortega Was Heartbroken Over a Lost Role Before Her Big Break at Disney

Jenna Ortega broke down after she faced a brutal rejection for a role she really wanted

Beetlejuice Star Jenna Ortega Was Heartbroken Over a Lost Role Before Her Big Break at Disney


  • Jenna Ortega wanted to get a role she was trying extremely hard for, giving audition one after the other for it.
  • Despite her hard work, she was rejected for the role and got replaced by another actress.
  • This did not interfere with her hope and faith, making her patient for the career that was only beginning to grow.
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Jenna Ortega has risen to the ranks of Hollywood at an interestingly fast pace. From starring in her own Disney show to becoming a regular part of the genre resonating with fear and gruesome gore. She has established herself from just a middle child to an actress known best for her roles in the genre of horror. One of her most iconic roles happens to be that of the titular character in Netflix’s Wednesday. 

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Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

It is increasingly common for actors and actresses to get rejected from movies and television shows whether they are famous or not. In a similar tangent, Ortega too faced a brutal rejection much before she ever stepped into the world of Disney. In fact, it saddened her immensely to the point where she began crying.


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Jenna Ortega was Broken from Within After she Lost a Role

According to an interview via Spark Chronicles, Jenna Ortega opened up about her journey to fame, one that did not come without hardships. Before she ever managed to bag the role of the protagonist in Disney’s Stuck in the Middle, she came to the realization that not every role can be hers. While doing an audition, things did not go according to how she wanted.

Jenna Ortega, American actress
Jenna Ortega

“I was up for a role in a family adventure comedy, with two young actors who are huge stars. (…) I did a reading with the main actor, the chemistry seemed to be there. Despite everything, in the end, it didn’t happen. How I cried when I heard the news!… When I heard the news, I thought, there you go, another door slammed in my face.”

She explained how the role in question, without really revealing the whats or wheres, was of the lead of the series. She found herself resonating with the character and even believed that she would get the role ultimately. However, she got the short end of the stick as the role slipped away from her.

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Jenna Ortega Did not Lose Hope

Jenna Ortega revealed in the interview via Spark Chronicles that she faced a brutal rejection despite giving several auditions. Upon finding out about not getting the role, she was broken and cried painfully. However, she did not let the rejection get to her. She admitted that roles would come to her when she found herself to be ready.

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

“I knew I could play more adult and serious roles when I was ready, and in fact I didn’t have to wait very long for the opportunity to present itself. (…) it is God who decides the right time.”

Ortega acknowledged the fact that it was not long before she became Harley Diaz of her own Disney show, giving her the opportunity she was craving.


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