“I decided to develop a dad bod”: Avatar 2 Star Sam Worthington Reveals Working With James Cameron Made Him Arrogant, Ditched Gym Without Consulting Director

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With the Avatar franchise on its way to becoming one of, if not the most successful franchises in cinematic history, it’s no wonder that the entire cast and crew of both the films that have come out are celebrated and revered for their outstanding work and breathtaking performances. A franchise led by the visionary James Cameron himself, the actors and other members of the crew has their complete faith in him to take this universe to even greater heights.

James Cameron's magnum opus can be pirated in Russia.
James Cameron with Avatar cosplayers

But with all that confidence, sometimes there comes arrogance instead, and some don’t even realize it. This has been the case with many actors in the past, and this time on the sets of Clash Of The Titans, Sam Worthington went through a similar phase after he exemplified himself as a trustworthy lead of Cameron’s then-new masterpiece, 2009’s Avatar. This newfound arrogance was so bad that he ended up having a fight with the director of the film.

Avatar 2 Star Sam Worthington Reveals That He Became Arrogant After Leading The 2009 Film

Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington

With his entry into the world of Hollywood recognition via James Cameron’s modern-day masterpiece, Australian actor Sam Worthington had worked on many projects with different actors and directors, but also remembers that the initial start of his stardom is something that he is not too fond of. He remembers his days of arrogance when he had just finished the first Avatar in 2009, whose success gave him such a big head that he ruined his next big project from it.


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During an interview with Variety, the star revealed that he had gotten a big head from practically becoming the face of the franchise, and wouldn’t take anything seriously for a while. This was the issue that caused him a lot of problems with his next big project, which was the Clash of The Titans series, where he was cast as Perseus in the film. He revealed that during the entire shoot of the film, he was annoyed with the constant scripts that he was getting for the character, which bored him the most. After the first film though, he really let it all out and went on to gain a dad bod, which was a stark contrast to a greek demigod’s physique. He said:

“I looked at it as Perseus was half a god and half a dad, and he had decided that he didn’t want the god part anymore, So I decided to develop a dad bod and that I wouldn’t care what I looked like. Of course, that’s antithetical to what a studio wants when they pay X amount of dollars to make a movie about a chiseled hero. [My] arrogance clashed with the studio and the director’s vision, and it turned into a horrible fight”.

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What Is Next In Avatar?

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in Avatar 2
Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in Avatar: The Way Of Water

With the latest film making headlines and setting box office benchmarks yet again, we have a clear indication from Cameron that the Avatar franchise has no plans of slowing down. With a vast part of the exosolar planet Pandora still left to be explored, the director has claimed that the audiences are in for a treat as more is yet to come from the franchise, with relationship dynamics changing and characters building their own unique identities, there are tons of things left to see in the franchise.

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Avatar: The Way Of Water, now in cinemas


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