“I didn’t even want to meet him”: Jackie Chan Changed Daniel Wu’s Life After Their First Meeting Despite the Actor’s Initial Hesitation

Daniel Wu reveals how meeting Jackie Chan changed his life, even though he had no intention of being an actor

Jackie Chan Changed Daniel Wu’s Life After Their First Meeting Despite the Actor’s Initial Hesitation


  • Daniel Wu had no intention of being an actor.
  • The actor was approached at a bar, asking if he wanted to work in ads.
  • Wu revealed how Jackie Chan changed his life.
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Meetings between renowned actors in the entertainment industry often have a lasting effect and open the door for significant changes. No exception can be made to the encounter between the legendary Jackie Chan and the accomplished Daniel Wu.


Surprisingly, despite Wu’s initial reluctance, his meeting with the Rush Hour star opened up new possibilities and had a significant impact on his career and personal development. This happened in the late 1990s when he landed his first film role in the Hong Kong romantic drama film Bishonen. It should be noted that this film was not about marital arts but rather about an ill-fated gay romance.

Wu initially turned down the offer but eventually agreed to play the lead role in the 1998 film, not realizing he would soon meet his childhood idol, Jackie Chan.  

Jackie Chan Changed Daniel Wu’s Life After Their First Meeting
Jackie Chan Changed Daniel Wu’s Life After Their First Meeting

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How Did Daniel Wus Acting Career Begin?

Despite not knowing Cantonese or how to read Chinese at the time, Daniel Wu was able to complete Yonfan’s Bishonen, his debut film, in 1998. But initially, he had no intention of becoming an actor. During his visit to SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, the actor, 49, confessed, saying:

“I never thought to be an actor or even do stunts like that. It was like I compartmentalized martial arts; was this one thing that was a way to connect to my culture. And movies are something that I use to entertain myself but i never thought of myself as being an actor until I went to Hong Kong on a college graduation trip.”

Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu

And then, as the actor noted, he was scouted out of a street in a bar having a drink, and some girls approached him and asked him if


“I wanted to do a TV commercial. So I jumped in and said, ‘OK, sure I will do it.’ and a month later it came out and then the director of my first film saw that commercial and called me in for a meeting. We had an hour-long talk and I walked out and two hours later he called me, goes okay, I wanted you to do a lead role in my film.’ I was like, ‘What.. I was like I can’t speak Chinese very well’.”

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How An Unexpected Encounter With Jackie Chan Completely Changed Daniel Wu’s Life

The impact Jackie Chan has on people’s lives goes far beyond his renowned on-screen performances. He has influenced the lives of countless people through his words and deeds, and Daniel Wu’s influence on him is proof of this.

Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu

During Wu’s conversation on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, he revealed


“I met Jackie Chan at a party, and he quickly asked for my phone number, and then the next day I was in his office. He basically goes, ‘We wanted to manage you, but there’s nothing going on in business right now’. And I have got this script offered. He goes, ‘Oh, we will manage you then, and within the same week I met Jackie, he took over my management, and then I became the Hong Kong movie star.”

The Born Wild actor had anticipated a quick greeting, but Chan’s friendliness and genuine interest in Wu’s career made an impression that would last a lifetime. However, he was also nervous that at first, he did not want to meet him. To quote Wu:

“The first time I met him, I was so nervous, like I didn’t even want to meet him.”

Also, Chan’s kung fu has always been an inspiration to Daniel Wu, who previously revealed to The Standard:

“I had always liked Jackie Chan’s kung fu. When I was six, I saw the movie Shao Lin Temple, by Li Lianjie. I was so impressed that I asked my mum whether I could study kung fu because it was so cool.”

Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu

On the work front, we last saw him as Sun Wukong in the American action comedy television series American Born Chinese, which Kelvin Yu created for Disney+. It centers on Jin Wang (Ben Wang), a tenth-grader who finds it difficult to fit in with his peers.


Stream American Born Chinese on Disney+.

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