“I didn’t wanna let the guy down”: Adam Sandler Went Out of His Way To Impress Oscar-Winning Writer-Director Noah Baumbach

Adam Sandler put in a lot of extra efforts such as learning his lines late in the night to prepare for the shoot next day to impress Noah Baumbach

Adam Sandler Went Out of His Way To Impress Oscar-Winning Writer-Director Noah Baumbach


  • Adam Sandler is an actor who is the master of his craft, but at times feels the need to impress people he admires
  • Sandler went overboard in his efforts to do same while working with Noah Baumbach on The Meyerowitz Stories
  • He revealed that he would learn his lines overnight to be prepared for the shoot the next day
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Adam Sandler, widely known for his effortless comedic flair, revealed a profound, unexpectedly passionate facet of his journey in the film industry during his involvement in The Meyerowitz Stories, directed by the brilliant Oscar-winning writer-director Noah Baumbach.


In a candid exchange with Jennifer Lawrence for the 2017 Actors on Actors segment hosted by Variety, Sandler expressed a genuine and heartfelt resonance about his exceptional dedication toward Baumbach’s script.

Adam Sandler Worked Extra Hard To Learn His Dialogues

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

While working on The Meyerowitz Stories, Adam Sandler came across a script that was more than just words on paper. The actor revealed in the Variety interview that he would “study my lines every night.”


“I got the script we didn’t start shooting for like five months after and I would study my lines every night. I never did that before just every day because I didn’t want to let the guy down.”

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Adam Sandler, despite his vast experience in the entertainment industry, found himself humbled and challenged by the complexity that writer-director Noah Baumbach had written the script.

Instead of simply portraying a character, Sandler explains in the Variety segment how his wife, Jackie Sandler, helped him rehearse and encouraged the actor to learn his lines.


“My wife was playing every other part. I’d lay in bed and go ba, ba, ba, and she’d go you almost got it, you almost got it. It just took a while to make it that effortless where I didn’t have to think too hard.”

While Adam Sandler is known for his intense preparation for his roles, Jennifer Lawrence has a different approach to her craft.

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Jennifer Lawrence Would Rather Watch T.V.

Jennifer Lawrence in Mother!
Jennifer Lawrence in Mother!

Jennifer Lawrence shared with Adam Sandler on their Variety segment that she used the seemingly dormant hours in the hair and makeup chair to familiarize herself with her lines for her movie Mother!


“I know, I don’t really every memorize either mostly just out of laziness and boredom. When I come home I wanna watch T.V. before I go to bed I don’t want to read the script. Normally hair and makeup is like two hours where I can’t go anywhere so I just use that to memorize.”

That doesn’t mean Lawrence was any less dedicated, especially regarding her work on Mother! The Hunger Games actress revealed in the Variety segment that she underwent unparalleled rehearsal and preparation.

“I didn’t really have a choice because we did a three month rehearsal process. In a warehouse in Brooklyn. Yeah and so and the dialogue didn’t really change much so I ended up memorizing it. So I guess in a way that was the most effort, that was definitely the most I’ve ever prepared.”

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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Lawrence
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence also shares her struggle with letting go of her film Mother! upon its release. She attributes it to her relationship with the director, Darren Aronofsky, which made the film’s reception more challenging to detach from than her previous works.


On the other hand, Sandler, having navigated the film industry for a longer period and experiencing a spectrum of reviews, reveals that he has ceased reading his movie reviews.

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