“I don’t have any money”: Mike Tyson’s Saddening Confession to His Good Friend Jamie Foxx Will Break Boxing Fans’ Hearts

Mike Tyson revealed to Jamie Foxx that he does not regret not having his massive fortune anymore.

"I don't have any money": Mike Tyson's Saddening Confession to His Good Friend Jamie Foxx Will Break Boxing Fans' Hearts


  • Mike Tyson's biopic starring Jamie Foxx is in the works.
  • The actor revealed that Tyson is happy without his massive fortune.
  • The world-renowned boxer accepted The Hangover offer while drunk.
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Mike Tyson conveyed to Jamie Foxx his contentment with his financial situation, explaining that he was glad to be without wealth, as it prevented opportunistic individuals from profiting at his expense. At 54, Iron Mike staged a boxing comeback against Roy Jones Jr. But the boxing star’s reckless spending led to his bankruptcy.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson denied physically hurting Wesley Snipes

Amidst his flourishing podcast, involvement in a cannabis ranch venture, and occasional appearances in Hollywood films, the former heavyweight champion seems to be relishing a well-rounded life. However, he has left behind the extravagant and reckless spending habits that once led him to squander his estimated £320 million fortune, ultimately resulting in his 2003 bankruptcy filing.

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Jamie Foxx Revealed Mike Tyson Did Not Have Any Money

A biographical Hollywood movie was said to be in the works, centered around Mike Tyson’s life, with Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx slated to portray the boxer. While that hasn’t happened yet, Foxx managed to take out the time to talk about the project.

In a revealing conversation with the iconic boxer, Foxx learned that Tyson is considerably happier without the massive bank account he once had during his prime.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx said on Showtime’s All the Smoke:


“When we were talking about the movie, I said what’s interesting about Mike is not the ring now, it’s the Mike that we see now. When I called Mike one time, I said ‘Mike, how are you doing?’ – And it’s this voice ‘All praise to Allah, my brother I’m just happy’. I said ‘why you happy?’ and ‘I’m happy I don’t have money anymore, I don’t have any money’. I said ‘why do you say that? Why does that make you happy?’ ‘Cause no one can take anything from me anymore. There are no vultures. Nobody out there trying to take anything from me. So I’m just happy.'”

Renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese had also given his nod to collaborate on the film. Jamie Foxx expressed the intention to depict personal growth, emphasizing that everyone has their origins, whether positive or negative. He said that by delving into the layers of Mike Tyson’s narrative within this project, people of all ages will gain insight into the boxer’s life journey and the perspective they aim to present.

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Mike Tyson Accepted The Hangover When He Was Drunk

Turning to alcohol and drugs as a source of comfort, Mike Tyson was frequently spotted in the vicinity of clubs in Las Vegas. Fortunately for the retired boxer, it was during this time that the filming of The Hangover was scheduled to occur in the same location.

Mike Tyson in the Hangover
Mike Tyson in the Hangover

According to director Todd Phillips, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Bartha happened to visit a club at Caesars’ Palace, where they unexpectedly encountered Mike Tyson. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the cast discussed the process of getting Tyson involved in the project and how he became the first to openly admit his struggles with substance abuse.

Todd Phillips said (via THR):

“At that time, Mike was sort of struggling. He’s the first to admit he was still struggling with drugs while we were filming that movie, although I didn’t know that at the time.”

Even though Tyson had been presented with the cameo role in advance, the former boxer had no recollection of agreeing to it.


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