“I don’t know if it’s fear”: Kevin Costner Holds 1 Record With Marvel Star Chris Evans That Will Upset Their Ardent Fans

Fans have never seen Kevin Costner's comedic side yet.

Kevin Costner and Chris Evans


  • Kevin Costner's costar suggested the actor to host the Saturday Night Live.
  • Chris Evans avoids doing SNL hosting gig due to anxiety.
  • Costner is open to doing comedy and wishes to work with Will Ferrell.
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If there’s one thing many fans don’t know about Kevin Costner, it is that he’s the funniest guy to be around on movie sets. At least, that’s what costar Dane Cook told the press. The actor is widely recognized for his role in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone.

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone / Paramount Network

Since he’s a natural comedian, many fans wonder why Costner has never appeared on gigs like Saturday Night Live, a similar situation Marvel actor Chris Evans is in. Yes, even Captain America has never visited the show!

Why Kevin Costner And Chris Evans Never Hosted Saturday Night Live

In an interview with PopWatch via Entertainment Weekly, actor Dane Cook confessed something about his Mr. Brooks costar Kevin Costner:


I’m gonna out Kevin Costner right now. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever been around.

The comedian went on and shared some funny incidents he had with Costner, including the time the latter was telling a story of The Postman in an eight-minute epic narration. Cook ultimately told the outlet what a shame it is that the Horizon star never did any guesting at Saturday Night Live.

He won’t do it. I don’t know if it’s fear so much as he’s like, ‘I just don’t know if they’ll write the right characters.’ But on set, he’ll act out voices and become different people. ‘This guy one time…’ He’s such a laidback guy, but very, very, very funny.

chris evans pain hustlers
Chris Evans in Pain Hustlers / Netflix

Chris Evans, on the other hand, clearly knows that he’s not for the comedy show. In an interview with ET Canada via Independent, he admitted, “I’ve avoided hosting SNL like the plague for years now just because I’m so scared. It’s terrifying to me.” He said he could appear in cameos but not take the job of hosting.

He recalls that it could be due to a previous encounter with his friends who told him he’s “not a funny person.” Indeed, that remark would carry some weight for Evans. “It would just be an everyday anxiety, constant regret: ‘Why did I do this?’” The Ghosted star said he could have been in his house and not worry about anything.


Kevin Costner Wants To Do Comedy Films

kevin costner horizon- an american saga-2
Kevin Costner in Horizon: An American Saga / Warner Bros.

Kevin Costner is not closing his doors on comedy projects. The actor is known for his Western films, but recently, he revealed he would love to work with Will Ferrell via Collider:

Listen, my kids really want me to act with him. That’s what they want. If I were to ever act with Will, that would be everything.

Costner said he has never done comedy acting before, something that Ferrell is quite known for. He is open to exploring the genre if there’s good material. “Yeah, I would do it if the writing was good,” he quipped.

It’s only a matter of time before fans get to see Costner dip his toes on comedies, and perhaps take a chance at hosting the SNL. For now, he is busy focusing on his four-part epic movie, Horizon: An American Saga.


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