“I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about”: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Clueless About Jerry Seinfeld Reviving Iconic Sitcom That Catapulted Her To Stardom

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has no idea about Jerry Seinfeld‘s alleged plans to revive his iconic show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Clueless About Jerry Seinfeld Reviving Iconic Sitcom That Catapulted Her To Stardom


  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus worked with comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld in his iconic show
  • There have been reports claiming that Seinfeld plans to revive the show
  • However, the actress revealed in a recent interview that she is just as clueless about the news as everybody else
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an actress, comedian, and producer, but what she is best known for is her role as Elaine Benes in the hit sitcom, Seinfeld. Considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time, it ran from 1989 to 1998, getting quasi-revived twice. Now ever since the creator and main star, Jerry Seinfeld’s plans to have a possible revival have hit the news, there has been a considerable buzz which ultimately reached the ears of Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus praises her character the character Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

However, the actress revealed in a recent interview that she is just as clueless about the news as everybody else.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Clueless About Seinfeld Revival

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus earned immense praise and critical acclaim for her role as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, including Emmy and several other accolades. Even the show, ever since it aired on NBC, turned into one of the greatest sitcoms of all time thanks to its observational humor and everyday portrayal of life in New York City.

It starred Jerry Seinfeld, also the brain behind the creation, as he goes along with his day-to-day life, more than often coming across comedic situations and interactions in his personal and professional life. So when Seinfeld recently made remarks about the possible revival of the show, many were shocked for it has been more than two decades since its end.


Even one of the lead stars, Louis-Dreyfus was left in the dark about the plans, as she remarked in an interview with The Guardian.

“Yeah, I just saw [that news] last night. And I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.”

While we or Julia Louis-Dreyfus don’t know for sure what a revived Seinfeld would be or whether it would be revived, fans are certainly curious about the whole affair.

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Jerry Seinfeld On Plans To Revive His Hit Sitcom

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld, in his recent stand-up comedy gig in Boston, revealed that he has been keeping a little secret about the controversial end of his TV show. The show’s ending was called by fans one of the worst endings since it appeared to deviate from the storyline and featured the four leads going to jail for a year.

Despite being quasi-revived twice, once as a small feature in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, and later as a Super Bowl commercial, fans have remained unsatisfied with its end (via CBR).

In a video posted on Instagram, the actor can be heard stating,


“Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. It hasn’t happened yet. Just what you are thinking about, [co-creator] Larry [David] and I have also been thinking about. So, you’ll see.”

While no further plans have been revealed till now, we certainly can’t help but wait in anticipation to see what the creators have in mind for the show.

Seinfeld can be streamed on Netflix.


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