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‘I don’t need anything of that guy in my home’: Riddler Actor Paul Dano Reveals The Batman Villain Creeps Him Out So Much He Refused To Take Anything Home From Set

Paul Dano

The characters that Paul Dano has played over the years have been quite peculiar- from Dwayne Hoover who took a vow of silence until he accomplishes his dream of becoming a fighter pilot in Little Miss Sunshine to a money-hungry young pastor in There Will Be Blood. His latest role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman also falls into this list.

His latest showing in a movie sees him take on the role of The Riddler, arguably Gotham’s most clever villain who always has a trick (and puzzles) up his sleeve as he goes on a killing spree of Gotham’s elite. The insanity that the character encapsulates, however, is in contrast to Paul Dano himself!

Paul Dano FandomWire
Paul Dano

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Paul Dano Wants Nothing To Do With The Riddler

Paul Dano’s character in The Batman is pretty crazy, I mean, he literally livestreams the deaths of his victims online. Other than that, it’s also because director Matt Reeves would be inspired by the gruesome works of the mysterious Zodiac Killer, who much like the Riddler, hid his tracks with ciphers and riddles.

Paul Dano FandomWire
Paul Dano as Riddler

It’s no doubt that Paul Dano killed it in his role as Riddler, but the level of insanity you have to show on-screen needs a lot of effort. Dano, however, is quite opposite of his character as he wants nothing to do with the DC supervillain.

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Speaking to ComicBook in an interview, Dano discussed the possibility of a future reprisal of his role in the probable sequel to the movie, saying-

“If they wanted there to be one, I’d probably be there. But I actually have not thought a whole lot about it, and I find it curious myself that I’ve somehow spent even more time with this character.”

He would then reveal that he wants not even a single speck of dust related to his character from the movie set at all-

“Because someone asked me, when we were doing Batman press, ‘Did you take anything home from the set?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ Of Edward’s. I was like, I don’t need anything of that guy in my home. Jokingly.” 

Paul Dano is set to star in Spaceman and Dumb Money, with the former already in post-production and the latter still filming. Maybe he can add in at least a cameo for the sequel to The Batman?

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Will We Be Seeing Paul Dano In The Batman Sequel?

There’s still no confirmation as to whether or not we’ll even get to see Paul Dano reprise his role as Riddler. But it was announced back in April this year that a sequel for The Batman would follow at CinemaCon, with Robert Pattinson set to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne and Matt Reeves to be in the director’s seat yet again.

Paul Dano FandomWire
Paul Dano

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Will Dano reappear as Riddler in the sequel? We’re not too sure, but he surely wants to come back! During an interview with ComicBook, the Prisoners star said-

“I have no clue if I will play the Riddler in live action again or not. But like I said, I loved making The Batman, so I think I certainly would.”

Well, he’s there for the taking Reeves! Although he already stated that he’d want to introduce new villains like Court of Owls, Calendar Man, Mr. Freeze, or Hush in the upcoming sequel.

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