“I don’t think they could pay him enough money”: Mark Kerr’s Honest Opinion on Dwayne Johnson’s Biopic and a Potential Match Between Them

Mark Kerr weighed his opinion on Dwyane Johnson leading the biopic based on his life, as he entertained the idea of having a real-life brawl despite it being unlikely.

"I don't think they could pay him enough money": Mark Kerr's Honest Opinion on Dwayne Johnson's Biopic and a Potential Match Between Them


  • Dwayne Johnson is finally set to move past the safe formula with the new biopic based on UFC icon Mark Kerr.
  • Mark Kerr revealed that the Black Adam Star was pretty gracious and accommodating and would listen to what Kerr had to say.
  • While it's highly unlikely, Kerr expressed that facing Johnson in a real-life would be bonkers.
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Since showcasing his acting chops in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain, Dwayne Johnson has played it safe with most projects, and as of recently, the formula is no longer effective for the Brahma Bull. And with his most ambitious project to date failing and his plans of fighting Superman getting nowhere, it appears he is getting back to his roots with his upcoming A24 biopic about UFC icon Mark Kerr.

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Interestingly, the project was in Johnson’s scheme of things long before his career took a toll with Black Adam‘s failure. And a few years back, Kerr did weigh his opinion on the Black Adam playing him on the silver screen while also entertaining the idea of facing him in the squared circle.


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Dwayne Johnson | Pain & Gain (2013)
Dwayne Johnson | Pain & Gain (2013)

Dwayne Johnson listened to what Mark Kerr had to say about the biopic

Back in 2021, Mark Kerr said that he would work as a consultant on the project, which will delve into his life in Wrestling and MMA and his later struggles with addiction. Kerr, who has been sober for years now. commended Dwayne Johnson, stating he was gracious and accommodating and would listen to Kerr’s perspective, as he was adamant about doing the story justice. Kerr told The Hannibal TV:


“Even If I’ve had objections, it’s just like, he is doing my life. He bought my life story, he could do whatever he wants. But you know, he’s gracious enough and accommodating from the comments I’ve had with him that he would listen. He wants to, he wants to do it justice and he wants to do me justice. “

Although it was initially slated for a potential release in 2022 after Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions acquired rights in 2019, following Covid and the actor’s other projects, it got sidelined. But with the Fast Five Star facing a new low in his acting career, Johnson’s first A24 collaboration might kickstart a new chapter for Dwayne Johnson, the actor.

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Mark Kerr
Mark Kerr

Mark Kerr entertained the idea of facing Dwayne Johnson in real-life

Mark Kerr, who had a history in wrestling before shiting to Mixed Martial artists and being crowned UFC Heavyweight champion 2 times, did entertain the idea of facing Dwayne Johnson in a match. While it’s highly unlikely that the two would ever cross paths in the squared circle, considering both are well past their prime, Kerr expressed that it’d be extremely fun if it ever happened. Kerr further stated,

“Can you imagine me against Rock in real life, if he plays it on TV, I don’t think they could pay him enough money. He’s beyond that, he’s so beyond that you know. “

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | WWE

While a real-life clash between the two Titans is unlikely, at least we’ll get to witness Dwayne Johnson finally spreading his wings with this role. The A24 film, which will be based on HBO’s The Smashing Machine, will be the first time since 2013 when the Brahman Bull will work with an auteur as the biopic will be directed by Uncut Gems director Benny Safdie.


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