“I don’t understand this fear”: James Gunn Compares His Superman: Legacy to Steve Carell’s $177M Movie After Fans Point Out One Major Flaw After Removing Henry Cavill

James Gunn Compares His Superman: Legacy to Steve Carrell’s $177M Movie After Fans Point Out One Major Flaw After Removing Henry Cavill

With the anticipation for filmmaker James Gunn’s upcoming film, Superman: Legacy, at an all-time high, fans are worried that the film may be ruined because of this reason. It was previously revealed that the movie is all set to introduce other major DC characters like Guy Gardner, Mister Terrific, Hawkgirl, and Metamorpho.

While this sounds like good news, there are some people who believe that this decision could be bad for Superman. Many fans complained that Superman may get sidelined in his own movie because of other DC characters. James Gunn decided to clear out these doubts by comparing his movie to a classic 2005 film.

Fans are worried that Superman may get sidelined in his own movie

Superman as portrayed in DC comics

It was previously revealed that co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, is planning to introduce many DC characters like Guy Gardner, Mister Terrific, Hawkgirl and Metamorpho in his upcoming movie, Superman: Legacy.

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However, fans fear that this decision would remove the spotlight from Superman. This has been a major concern as the anticipation created around the next Superman is quite high and Gunn still has a lot of time to make changes in the film as it’s expected to release in 2025.

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James Gunn Acknowledged the Concerns

James Gunn
James Gunn

In a recent social media post, Gunn decided to directly acknowledge the concerns by comparing it to actor Steve Carell’s 2005 movie. The filmmaker wrote,

“I don’t understand this fear. There are less characters than in 40-Year-Old Virgin. Did you think Steve Carell got enough time?”

It was previously revealed that Nathan Fillion will appear as the Green Lantern, Isabela Merced will portray Hawkgirl, and Edi Gathegi will play Mister Terrific.

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These Characters are Important for the Film’s Story

James Gunn
James Gunn

As per Gunn, the introduction of these characters is important in order to narrate the film’s story. Then again, Gunn is rather good at balancing a lot of characters. This comes into note considering just how successful each Guardians of the Galaxy movie has been. Despite not having enough screen time, each character is fleshed out in their own respective manner. However, a fan asked Gunn why he planned to add these characters, and the filmmaker wrote,

“They fit the story I’m telling. Story always comes first.”

In another post, the director explained that he never uses one film to set up another film, possibly throwing shade at Marvel Studios,

“I’ve never used one movie to set up another movie. The character are there because they help to tell Superman’s story better, not so we can set up separate projects in the franchise. Superman and Lois are the very clear protagonists.”

Fans are all hyped to see Superman: Legacy, which is all set to hit the theatres in 2025, only if its production doesn’t slow down due to the ongoing Writers and Actors’ Strike.

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