“I don’t want to do anything like that”: Milly Alcock’s Remarks After House of the Dragon Hints James Gunn Might Be Really Cooking With Supergirl

Milly Alcock's Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow looks more promising than ever because of her wish not to star in fantasy projects again

Milly Alcock as Supergirl
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  • Milly Alcock has already starred in a fantasy themed show with House of the Dragons.
  • However, having done it once, she does not want to do it again.
  • This happens to be a good thing because she wants to focus on more passion projects, one that is now Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.
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Milly Alcock’s work as a younger iteration of Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon has given fans a good idea of just how talented she is as an actress. Her range has been one many have familiarised themselves with and so learning about the news of her casting as the titular character in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow only proved to be the cherry on top.

Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon
Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon.

With the many genres she has managed to work in, there is no denying that sometimes things may overlap. Other times genres get revisited. Today’s audience enjoys a mix of everything. Therefore, the number of fantasy projects is growing manifold. However, Alcock does not see herself in a fantastical role in the future. Rather, she wants to steer clear of it.

Milly Alcock is Already Done with Fantasy

Speaking with Herald Sun, Milly Alcock opened up about her experience when working on House of the Dragon. The show is undoubtedly based in a fictional world with a fictional concept unlikely to ever manifest into reality. The actress seems to already be done with this genre of projects.

Milly Alcock's Rhaenyra and Matt Smith's Daemon Targaryen
Milly Alcock’s Rhaenyra and Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen

“I’m not doing any fantasy roles. I don’t want to do anything like that. I have done it and I don’t need to do it again. I am just kind of waiting for the right project. I am not in a rush to jump on something.”

She claimed that although she has already been part of one, she has no interest in returning to the genre. Having done it once already, all the curiosity that came with has gradually faded away. The show may have given her great fame and a much bigger platform to engage her audience, but that isn’t enough.

In the future, Alcock does not want to continue on in fantasy projects. Instead, she wants to look for something that would fit her well. So her upcoming project may already see the rays of dawn.

James Gunn’s Supergirl is in Good Hands

Milly Alcock’s words may seem pessimistic at first, but there is most certainly a brighter side to this as well. She may not want to return to fantasy films and shows but she also stated that every other project Alcock chooses from then on would be hand-picked with great care.

Milly Alcock in Reckoning
Milly Alcock in Reckoning

“I would rather work not a lot and do work that I am really proud of and passionate about.” She added, “When you sign on to a project you have to get used to talking about it for six months or a year of your life, so you want to make sure you really adore it and I am waiting for that project to come along and surprise me.”

She confirmed that all the projects she chooses now would be purely out of respect for herself and her art. So now that she has an upcoming role as the titular character in James Gunn’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, there is no doubt that it may be in safe hands.

Alcock having chosen to take up the role means the vision of the film coincided with her interests. Her need to give her everything to make the role her best only adds onto the anticipation.

House of the Dragon is available to watch on Max.

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