“I don’t want to do what he is doing”: Joe Rogan Mocking Dwayne Johnson For Steroids Overshadowed His Praises For The Rock in the Past

Joe Rogan Mocking Dwayne Johnson For Steroids Overshadowed His Praises For The Rock in the Past
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The 55-year-old host Joe Rogan is well known for his controversial remarks. Not long ago the UFC commentator accused Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson of consuming steroids for his muscular physique. Rogan called out to The Rock to “come clean”. The following statement took the internet by surprise as in the previous episodes of the very same podcast Rogan can himself be seen praising Dwayne Johnson. The sudden call out on the WWE superstar has unveiled a major backlash from the critics claiming that the podcast host disrespected the world-famous superstar over false acquisitions.


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"Not a f***g chance he's clean": Joe Rogan Wants Dwayne Johnson to Come Clean Cause the Rock has Been Lying
Joe Rogan controversial remarks on The Rock

Why did Joe Rogan accuse Dwayne Johnson?

Rogan’s statement against the Black Adam actor was surely not required. In his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, was talking about famous fitness influencer Brian Johnson aka Liver King who was exposed for taking steroids and neglecting his own recommended ancestral diet. Rogan commented that this didn’t come as a shock to him as he believed someone can’t be that fit and ‘clean’ at the same time. Rogan continued and called out Dwayne Johnson to come ahead and confess his steroid intake through a video.


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Joe Rogan Dwayne Johnson
Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson

Joe Rogan Loves Dwayne Johnson

The former Fear Factor host stormed the internet and raised several questions and criticism over his remarks. In one of the episodes of his past podcast, Rogan can be himself seen appreciating Dwayne Johnson for his workout routines and commitments. He can be seen scrolling through the social media page of The Rock and praising his posts.

“ You know that who I go to all the time for inspiration – The Rock, that m*ther f**ker never stops. He never stops. I mean I don’t want to do what he is doing, I don’t want to do these movies, I don’t want to do what he is doing, I f**king admire the sh*t out of this guy’s work ethics that guy would fly to Tokyo that would be 4 O’clock in the morning he sets up an elliptical machine and starts going after it. That’s what he does.”

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Dwayne Johnson and Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan’s remarks on Dwayne Johnson

While the UFC commentator continues to invite the internet’s wrath, it seems that Rogan’s current words have overshadowed his past praise for The Rock. The podcast speaker seems to be struggling with his opinions and remarks; in one instance he can be seen praising The Rock’s workout commitment while in another instance, he is accusing the former WWE star of steroid intake to maintain his remarkable physique. 

Rogan’s controversial and frank commentary seems to be losing its fanbase. The podcast host’s constant unconventional remarks are becoming the reason for the doom of his podcast. Several artists including Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Indie Arie have already removed their profiles from Spotify in protest against Rogan’s N-word controversy and soaring his relationship with popular The Rock won’t do any good to Rogan.

Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience can be streamed on Spotify.


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