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“I don’t want to kill myself”: John Stamos Was “Good to go” After Crossing Everything Off His Bucket List, Claimed “It’s okay if I die”

John Stamos shares some deep and disturbing insights into his thoughts about his life and death

“I don’t want to kill myself”: John Stamos Was “Good to go” After Crossing Everything Off His Bucket List, Claimed “It’s okay if I die”


  • John Stamos made some intriguing revelations in his memoir, If You Would Have Told Me
  • The actor expressed that he was content with his achievements, fame, relationships and wasn’t afraid of death
  • He narrated a scary incident from his life and his thoughts about the idea of his death

John Stamos’ journey with alcohol addiction has been filled with many highs and lows. But there was one particular moment in his life when he was all high and felt he wasn’t afraid of death now.

In his memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, the Big Shot actor wrote down his struggles with drinking, being in a drunk driving accident, and rehab, which led him to suicidal thoughts.

John Stamos
John Stamos

The 60-year-old star got a DUI in 2015. He also spent some time in the hospital when he ‘”went off the rails” and was in a residential program for substance abuse treatment.

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John Stamos was Unafraid of Death After Fulfilling Life Goals

john stamos
John Stamos

In the first chapter of his debut memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, out on Oct. 24, the Full House alum detailed a frightening incident from June 2015. He was driving (under the influence of multiple substances) on his way to dinner with his decades-long friend Bob Saget.

That night, when Stamos was driving (under the influence), he faded in his car. Though he had no intention of ending his life, but the idea of death wasn’t frightening for him. As the star wrote (via People):

“I don’t want to kill myself, but there’s a selfishness in death that I flirt with. I’m faded in my car. It’s okay if I die. Fine. I’ve done it all; crossed everything off my list. Got the fame, got the girls, got the sitcom, got to play with The Beach Boys. The end. I’m good to go, in the literal sense.”

Looks like Stamos was not afraid of death at that time. The actor expressed that he was content with his achievements, fame, relationships, starring in a sitcom, and even performing with The Beach Boys.


After achieving all this, the Hollywood star felt like he had accomplished everything on his bucket list, so he wasn’t afraid of death. Stamos then explained the whole situation about how he got saved and how his best friend searched for him all night.

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Bob Saget’s Night-Long Search for Drunk John Stamos

John Stamos with his best friend Bob Saget
John Stamos with his best friend, Bob Saget

After finally pulling over, John Stamos explained how the police discovered him in a state of unconsciousness. And that he was taken to a local hospital. When he regained consciousness at the hospital, he found Saget sitting beside his hospital bed.

The actor wrote (via People) that he later saw the TMZ video from that night, which made him sick to his stomach. He felt that could’ve “killed a kid, wiped out a family or a grandmother coming home from Bible study.” Stamos also felt like he jeopardized everything in his life: His “career, reputation, and worst of all, the kid my parents raised.” 

He also revealed that Saget and his sisters had spent hours trying to locate him that night. Later, Stamos eventually entered rehab in July of that same year.

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