“I don’t want to offend anyone”: Charlie Hunnam Refused to Play Green Arrow in Zack Snyder’s Movie After Looking at One Image of the DC Superhero

Charlie Hunnam declined Zack Snyder's Green Arrow role after looking at only one image of the superhero archer character.

"I don't want to offend anyone": Charlie Hunnam Refused to Play Green Arrow in Zack Snyder's Movie After Looking at One Image of the DC Superhero


  • Charlie Hunnam revealed that he was offered the role of Green Archer in Zack Snyder's flick, but he turned it down for a very specific reason.
  • It's because he looked it at the particular image of the superhero archer which made him doubt if green spandex would suit him.
  • Even though he didn't get to work with Snyder on that film, he finally collaborated with the director on the upcoming epic space opera Rebel Moon.
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Charlie Hunnam has been on the verge of being a fan-cast over the years to play Green Arrow in the DC Universe.

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Previously, he declined the rumors of him playing the character by saying that he’s not a comic book guy. The actor also said in 2017 that he had to Google to see “who this Green Arrow chap is.”

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

But recently, the Sons of Anarchy actor revealed that he was offered the role of the superhero archer, but he turned it down for a very specific reason. And the reason? He has doubts if green spandex would suit him.

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Charlie Hunnam Rejects Green Arrow Role Over Single Image

Speaking to ComicBook.com at a recent press event for his upcoming movie, directed by Zack Snyder, Rebel MoonCharlie Hunnam made a revelation.

When the host asked him, “When Zack was doing DC movies, you were the fan cast to be his Green Arrow, and you still are kind of. Did that ever almost happen? Did you ever talk to him about that?” Hunnam replied, “I never talked to him about it.”

Street Level heroes Green arrow
Green Arrow in the DC comics

The host asked again to make sure, “But you talked to someone.” The actor said, “I honestly don’t remember who yeah. It was some people in suits, brought the idea to me and thought that would be terribly exciting for me to play Green Arrow. And I did not share their enthusiasm.” The Hollywood star continued:

“I don’t know who Green Arrow is. So, I don’t want to offend anyone. I just looked at one picture, and I was like, I’m not sure green’s my color. And I am pretty sure spandex isn’t my material. And beyond that, I was like, one image, thanks.”

But Hunnam finally got to work with Snyder on the upcoming epic space opera Rebel Moon.


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What’s Ahead for Green Arrow?

Green Arrow
Green Arrow

Hunnam didn’t clarify when he was offered the role. He clearly said that he never directly spoke to Snyder about it. It means the actor could have been offered the role during the Snyderverse, maybe by someone else. Considering that this revelation came from a very recent conversation, then, it could also be for James Gunn’s upcoming reboot of the live-action DC Universe.


If the England native had agreed to play Green Arrow, he would have been the third one to bring the DC character to life. Followed by Justin Hartley on Smallville and Stephen Amell in Arrow and various other Arrowverse shows.

Currently, in DCU, various superheroes have already been announced, including Guy Gardner, Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl, Metamorpho, and others. These are all part of Superman: Legacy’s cast and even Gunn confirmed that they all would play a big role and not just cameos. But Green Arrow’s casting is still unclear.


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