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“I felt really guilty… I’m such an a**hole”: Inception Actor Elliot Page Claimed Working on Christopher Nolan’s Film Made Her Feel “Ungrateful”

Inception Actor Elliot Page Claimed Working on Christopher Nolan’s Film Made Her Feel “Ungrateful”

Elliot Page didn’t have a good time while working on Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Earlier also, the actor has stated how he had to go through a hard time while working on the 2010 movie. This was a time when he was yet to come out and there were a lot of things going in his head. According to Page, all of it took a toll on him. Accompanied by several other reasons, he didn’t feel good at all while working on the movie.

Elliot Page and Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

Elliot Page raised several headlines and became an inspiration for several LGBTQ+ members when he came out as a trans man in 2020. The X-Men: The Last Stand actor received widespread support following the transition and also admitted that he was free from a lot of things that troubled him. His statements proved that he was going through a lot during Nolan’s movie.

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Elliot Page had an unusual time while working with Christopher Nolan

Many stars dream about working with Christopher Nolan for once in their career. The filmmaker has attained a legendary status over the years and there’s hardly any actor who wouldn’t want his film. Interestingly, despite reflecting similar thoughts, Elliot Page also stated how he had felt really bad during the entire process of the movie.

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Elliot Page
Elliot Page

Elliot Page portrayed the role of Ariadne in Inception and was tasked with the job of creating those dreamscapes. In an interview with The Guardian, the 36-year-old opened up about his experience on the Christopher Nolan movie.

“I loved working with Chris Nolan and a great cast, but as a person I was just so not OK. I felt really guilty for feeling that. Here you are with all that dreams are made of – how the fu*k could I possibly feel this way? I’m such an a**hole – how can I be so ungrateful? I didn’t understand why I was so profoundly uncomfortable and feeling like this with all this privilege allowing me to do what I thought I wanted to do.”

The Umbrella Academy actor was absent from the entertainment world for quite some time before coming back in 2012. It looks like that despite having a great time and working alongside a good cast in Inception, the feeling of being closeted” troubled the actor to a great extent.

“But how I was feeling in my body, and being closeted, was eating at me to a degree that I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it any more.”

The woes for the actor didn’t end there as he went on to have more troubles on the set of the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster. He reportedly developed shingles as a result of the stress while working in Inception. 


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Elliot Page developed shingles during Inception

A still from Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead

Many unheard details came to light when Elliot Page’s memoir titled Pageboy was released. It was revealed that the actor felt too “out of place” during the filming of the movie. The Juno fame claimed that the shingles reflected his stress while working on the movie. He stated in the book(via Insider) that his personal life was full of chaos and nothing could comfort him in that situation.

“Shingles popped out of my spine while filming Inception when I was 22. Despite everyone being delightful to work with, I felt out of place. In a cast full of cis men, I did not understand the role I found myself in.”

He also added that for the initial two weeks, she used to think that she would be replaced any day with Keira Knightley. Fortunately, his assumptions didn’t turn true, and Inception became a major project of his career. Presently, the actor feels a lot better and has also involved himself in a lot of upcoming projects.

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Inception can be rented on Apple TV+.

Source: The Guardian / Pageboy (via Insider)

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