“I get to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger”: Kung Fury 2 Star is Heartbroken as Legal Issues Have Doomed the Future of His Much Anticipated Sequel

Jorma Taccone was heartbroken after Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer 'Kung Fury 2' release was scrapped.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jorma Taccone in Kung Fury 2


  • 'Kung Fury' was a critically acclaimed with an 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a positive reception from fans.
  • A sequel of the movie, 'Kung Fury 2,' was in the making, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jorma Taccone as Adolf Hitler.
  • However, the movie was stuck in the loop of some legal trouble and it was never released.
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Kung Fury— a 2015 English-language Swedish martial arts comedy film— is weirdly entertaining, the average critics’ consensus certified the movie fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an impressive 86% score. Also, fans have showered their love for the David Sandberg (not to be confused with Shazam! director) written and directed movie.

Jorma Taccone as Adolf Hitler shooting his communication device
Jorma Taccone as Adolf Hitler in Kung Fury

As the movie claimed the astounding accolades, there was inherently another installment in the making. The sequel of the Sandberg-led movie who played the title character, also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, Kung Fury 2 has never seen the light of day. Jorma Taccone played the notorious historical figure, Adolf Hitler and the actor was heartbroken as the movie was hidden from the public forever.

Jorma Taccone Was Heartbroken After Kung Fury 2’s Release Was Scrapped

Jorma Taccone as Adolf Hitler in a Kung Fury movie scene
Jorma Taccone as Adolf Hitler in Kung Fury

Jorma Taccone played a comic version of Adolf Hitler, Kung Fuhrer, in Kung Fury. The actor/comedian revealed that unexpectedly scrapping the release of the sequel of the movie broke his heart. And he has a very good reason to be upset as the actor appeared in a fight scene with legendary action megastar, Arnold Schwarzenegger. For context, the previous movie also featured a big star, Michael Fassbender as Kung Fury’s partner Colt Magnum. “I truly hope that it comes to fruition and it gets out of legal jeopardy,” Taccone told Comicbook.com.


“Or whatever has happened in the legal mumbo jumbo, because honestly, the 10-minute promo piece that I saw, I was like, ‘At the very least, this is an instantaneous cult classic. This is so special. It is so funny and off the rails.’ I mean, Fassbender’s hilarious in it. I get to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger. That it doesn’t exist, it is so heartbreaking to me. It’s really like a crime. It’s a total crime that it hasn’t been released yet. I was so bored on set doing it, because I’m not used to being an actor, and so I made 10 vlog posts as Hitler, just talking. He was just being kind of emotional about a lot of things that were difficult in his life, and blah, blah.”

Obviously, for Taccone, sharing the screen with Schwarzenegger was the opportunity of a lifetime, and being deprived of that would break anyone’s heart. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Excited About Joining The Kung Fury Sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger in President's chair
Arnold Schwarzenegger as American President in Kung Fury 2. Credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Reddit

Schwarzenegger, who has a legacy of success with his glorious Hollywood tenure as an action star, was delighted to appear in the Kung Fury sequel. Of course, starring The Terminator and Red Heat star was a big ambition but the movie was stuck in the loop of some legal trouble. Schwarzenegger, who played the American President in the movie, previously shared his excitement. “I met David Sandberg four years ago,” Schwarzenegger revealed on Reddit

“Right after I saw the original Kung Fury. I absolutely loved it and could not stop laughing so I had to meet him. Now we are finally in Munich shooting. I just had to share with you guys, because I’m so proud of him for making his hilarious vision into a reality. For those of you who want to get into the movies, he’s proof that if you have the vision and you work non-stop and keep hustling away, you can do it… I saw the original like a lot of you. That’s why I say David is an inspiration. If he tried to sell this script I think people would laugh at him. But he went out there, got fans excited and made something to prove he could do it. It’s a serious success story.”

It is hard to deny that Kung Fury 2 would have been another astonishing action movie potentially clearing the corridor for a future franchise. 


Set in ’80s Miami, Kung Fury follows a hero of the same name alongside his team of Thundercops— a police force made up of historical figures— going after Kung Fuhrer, the primary villain of the movie.

You can buy Kung Fury on Apple TV and Amazon Video.


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