“I guess Ben was checking me out…”: Sandra Bullock Did Not Believe Ben Affleck’s Claims About Her Casting In Forces Of Nature

Sandra Bullock refused to believe her co-star Ben Affleck's involvement regarding her Forces of Nature casting.

"I guess Ben was checking me out...": Sandra Bullock Did Not Believe Ben Affleck's Claims About Her Casting In Forces Of Nature


  • Sandra Bullock refused to believe that Ben Affleck had been vouching for her casting in Forces of Nature.
  • Despite Affleck recommending Bullock for the role, the two initially were not impressed by each other's personalities.
  • Ben Affleck addressed Sandra Bullock as a chatterbox.
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There have been many iconic pairs on-screen and among them, Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock’s casting in Forces of Nature stands out because of their hilarious on and off-screen chemistry. Not only did the actors become good friends but the chemistry between their characters was impeccable as well, which largely contributed to the movie’s success.

Sandra Bullock
Bird Box star, Sandra Bullock

However, after Bullock was cast for the role, she refused to believe that her co-star Affleck had been vouching for her or even suggested her for the role since the very start.

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Sandra Bulock Refused To Believe Ben Affleck Wanted To Work With Her

Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock
Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock

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Forces of Nature received somewhat mixed reviews but has since garnered a sizeable fan base. But what people liked the most and still like is Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck‘s on-screen chemistry. Not only were they engaging and endearing to watch on-screen but they made pretty good friends off-screen as well. Despite their first time sharing screen space, it was Affleck who had requested that the Speed star join the cast.

Bullock had already rejected the script many times and was eventually called by the director and Affleck, which made her somewhat consider the role (via Bobbie Wygant).


“I met with Ben, I guess Ben was checking me out to see if he really wanted to be in a film with me, too. So, sort of an audition process for the both of us.”

However, unknown to her it was Affleck who had been vouching for her all along.

“He was already assigned to this film. He had the script long before I did. He claims that he requested me..and I don’t believe it.”

Whether she chose to believe it or not, the actress eventually starred in the movie making it one of the most watched movies of hers.

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Ben Affleck And Sandra Bullock Did Not Like Each Other’s Personality At First

A still from the movie
A still from the movie

Despite the Batman star recommending Sandra Bullock for the role, the two initially were not impressed by each other’s personalities. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bullock stated,

“Ben can never show up anywhere on time. When he’s with you he gives you so much attention you feel like a queen, so when he says ‘I’ll call you for dinner’ and you don’t hear from him, you feel like, ‘What did I do wrong?’ Since he does it to everyone, you can’t take it personally. But then if you don’t call him back right away when he calls, he goes nuts, leaving messages like, ‘Why didn’t you call me back, I called you an hour ago, why don’t you call me BACK?”’

As for Affleck, the star was shocked to discover how much of a ‘chatterbox’ his co-star was.

“She never tells me anything. I ask her questions about her life, and she’s like, ‘My one male friend said this.’ No one has a name. I ask her, who are you going to dinner with? ‘Just some friends, you don’t know them.’ And, of course, I DO know them. She’s just WAA WAA in your ear all the time. She’d make a great wife… for a deaf man.”

Even after being annoyed at first, the two became good friends and continue to remain so.


Forces of Nature can be streamed on AppleTV.


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