‘I guess Fassbender is my dad in some world’: Elizabeth Olsen Wants MCU to Bring Back Michael Fassbender’s Magneto as Wanda’s Father

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It’s been five long years since we saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and there couldn’t be a better time than now for his highly anticipated return as well as his first appearance in an MCU project. Do you know who else we’re missing though? Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch.


While Jackman’s return as James Howlett has been confirmed by his best friend Ryan Reynolds (the announcement video got viral), fans are also in dire need of another MCU project featuring Olsen as Scarlet Witch/ Wanda Maximoff. At the least it’s safe to say that Olsen herself wishes to come back to the MCU, but with the addition of this specific group of mutants!

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Elizabeth Olsen’s X-Men Dream For The MCU

It’s always been a head-scratcher for Marvel fans as to how the X-Men universe has characters that never meet up with the characters from the MCU (in movies). But that seems to be slowly taking a shift toward reality as Wolverine gets cast in an MCU movie.

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Witch and Magneto in the comics

Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be featuring Hugh Jackman as he portrays Wolverine in the movie alongside Ryan Reynolds who plays the titular character. Jackman has been playing James Howlett for over one and a half decades so it simply couldn’t be anyone else but him cast for the role.

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The confirmation of Wolverine’s MCU debut, however, has sparked ideas in the minds of another popular MCU actress. Elizabeth Olsen, upon hearing the news of Wolverine’s entry into the MCU got some pretty rad ideas about the X-Men in the MCU.

Olsen, upon hearing the news at On the Carpet at Variety’s Power of Women event, exclaimed at the news with a “Wow!”, and had the following to say-

“I guess Wolverine is X-Men. It would be cool to work with a lot of those people from the X-Men franchise. I guess Fassbender is my dad in some world?”

Wolverine’s debut in the MCU surely sparks some good news for Marvel fans who have been more inclined towards the X-Men franchise. So maybe we will get to see the X-Men in future MCU projects!


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Elizabeth Olsen Had A Great Time Expressing Scarlet Witch’s Rage

The unexpected turn of events that lead to the Scarlet Witch’s villainous form in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a completely different character from Wanda Maximoff.

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Olsen as Scarlet Witch

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Elizabeth Olsen, during a special feature for Variety, spoke about her experience trying to adjust to a much more malevolent character in Multiverse of Madness-

“Well, this is quite a leap from the woman that I’ve been playing!

The 33-year-old actress, who has been playing the character for over six Marvel movies, further revealed that she had a great time expressing Scarlet Witch’s rage-

“At least in my experience, it’s been hard as a woman to express rage. It’s one of the most amazing feelings, because it’s so specific: You can know exactly why you’re angry.”

Scarlet Witch’s sacrifice at the end of Multiverse of Madness surely did a number on the emotions of us Marvel fans, as it meant goodbye for the character as well as the actor.


But Kevin Feige’s recent hints about a possible return for the character, which he revealed to Variety a few days ago, have shone a bright light on our hopes for Olsen’s in-demand return to the MCU.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently available for streaming on Disney+.

Source: Variety



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