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“I had multiple people trying to buy it”: Taylor Sheridan Shelved His First Ever Script for a Bizarre Reason Before Reviving it With Marvel Star Jeremy Renner

Taylor Sheridan Shelved His First Ever Script for a Bizarre Reason Before Reviving it With Marvel Star Jeremy Renner

American filmmaker Taylor Sheridan is one of the most celebrated directors in the history of cinema. The reason behind his impeccable work is his confidence in it. He has been the creator of numerous incredible works, and he is well aware of it. It isn’t like with time Sheridan gained confidence in his work, as even during the initial phase of his career, the director was very picky to let someone adapt his creation.

While there were people who criticized his approach, it has always worked in Sheridan’s favor, as there are hardly any of his projects that failed to meet its expectations.

Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan’s work screams confidence

Taylor Sheridan isn’t just a jack of all trades; he has undeniably mastered them as well. Sheridan is an actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter. His years of dedication and hard work are indeed reflected in his creations. However, his confidence isn’t something that was built after experiencing two or three successes; rather, it’s inherent and hence unshakable.

In a previous interview, the actor shed light on the initial phase of his career when he remained confident in his work and avoided getting trapped by any bait. The actor pursued a perfect match that could align with his creativity level, and with a little patience and a lot of confidence, he finally found his way. Sheridan said, 

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“I was a fair actor, but that’s all I was ever going to be. Hollywood will tell you what you’re supposed to do if you listen. If you’re banging your head against the wall for 20 years trying to be an actor, maybe you shouldn’t be an actor. But the first thing I ever wrote [the pilot for Mayor of Kingstown in 2011] got me meetings at every major network, at every agency. I had multiple people trying to buy it.”

Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan

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Despite heavy demand for his work, the actor refused to sell it. Sheridan explained that back then studios wanted to hire experienced writers for major projects, yet he wasn’t ready to let anyone adapt his work unless he was sure about it. Looking at his approach, many people criticized it and called it to be impractical, but Sheridan stood firm to his notions. 

A year later, Sheridan established himself in the industry and released three of his best works, Sicario (2015), Hell or High Water (2016) and Wind River (2017).


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Taylor Sheridan collaborated with Jeremy Renner

Wind River 
Wind River

Since Taylor Sheridan is very picky about his work, being in his film is no less than an achievement. Previously, Sheridan collaborated with Marvel star Jeremy Renner for his 2017 film Wind River. The crime thriller film completely holds the essence of Sheridan’s work. The film was a success, both critically and commercially. 

The 2017 release revolves around the murder of a young woman, and the case is investigated by a tracker team and an FBI agent. The intriguing plotline of the film keeps the audience hooked to their seat. The film features Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in the lead roles. 

Wind River is available for streaming on Netflix.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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