“I have lots of good stuff here”: Grey’s Anatomy Spin-offs Likely to Happen Even After 20 Seasons, Confirms ABC Executive

Considering how monumental it is to ABC, more spin-offs of Grey's Anatomy are likely.

"I have lots of good stuff here": Grey's Anatomy Spin-offs Likely to Happen Even After 20 Seasons, Confirms ABC Executive


  • While Station 19 will end with its 7th season, it's not all doom and gloom for Grey's Anatomy fans.
  • On asked if more spin-offs of Grey's Anatomy are likely, ABC exec Craig Erwich revealed that they're interested in expanding the Grey's world more in the future.
  • Erwich also touched on ABC's controversial decision to end Station 19 despite its success.
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it has been almost 2-decades since Shonda Rhimes’ medical soap opera Grey’s Anatomy debuted, which remains one of the most successful and longest-running TV shows to date. With the 20th season on the horizon, which is set to be its shortest yet, following the SAG-AFTRA and Writers strike last year, ABC executive touched on the future of the IP after the forthcoming season..


Throughout its long run, the acclaimed medical drama has witnessed three separate spin-offs, including Station 19, which is set to receive a 7th season. And per Craig Erwich, who oversees ABC, there’s hope that Grey’s Anatomy will likely witness more spin-offs.

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

ABC Is Open to the Idea of Expanding the World of Grey’s Anatomy

While fans were less than thrilled after ABC announced Station 19 will mark its end with its 7th season, which will see the show surpass 100 episodes, there’s still room for more spin-offs per ABC exec. On asked if the show will see more spin-offs, considering it has already succeeded in delivering three successful spin-offs, including Station 19 and Private Practice, Erwich said they are open to the idea. But as of now, they aren’t looking to rush things, and are currently focused on the upcoming season of the main show. He said (via Deadline),


“We’re always open to new and different iterations on any of our most key franchises and our most realized shows, which Grey’s is one of them. I have lots of good stuff here, so need to break some of the stuff up.”

Considering how monumental Grey’s Anatomy has been to the network, it’s not hard to see why ABC will be inclined to expand the show’s universe with more potential spin-offs in the future.

Grey's Anatomy is one of the shows getting special treatment at Emmys 2024
Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

ABC Exec Reflected on the Controversial Decision to End Station 19

While it’s good news for fans of the show that ABC is inclined to delve into more spin-offs, not many were animated by the network’s decision to end Station 19 after its 7th. Even though Station 19 started as a spin-off to the main show, over the years, it has created its own unique identity, garnering a passionate fanbase in the process.

Station 19
Station 19 | ABC

Reflecting on the decision to end Station 19, Erwich expressed that even though he loves the show, it’s the right time to end it.


“Well, every show has its own journey so to speak. In the case of Station 19, it was time to bring that story to an end. I love Station 19, and I think what’s amazing about Station 19 is that it was yes, a spinoff of Grey’s. But it really became its own show that stood on its own creatively and was fully realized and unique unto itself, and we’ve been very proud to have it on the air. I’m proud to be in business with Shonda [Rhimes] on that show.”

Station 19
Station 19 | ABC

It’ll be interesting to see how things would move forward for the ABC show after the 20th season, and if the veteran actors would be interested in reprising their part in more potential spin-offs.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20  will premiere on ABC on 14 March 2024.


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