Grey’s Anatomy: Things About Meredith That Aged Poorly

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Grey’s Anatomy has been airing since 2005 and has a total of 18 seasons. That’s a lot of content. The show has been entertaining us for almost 16 years. It shows the journey of a few medical interns who are mentored and groomed. During this journey, they’ve to make some gut-wrenching decisions. One of the central characters in Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith Grey. She has appeared a lot in the show. Meredith is a good surgeon, mother, friend and always fights for what’s right. For years, she has made some tough decisions, and just like any human, mistakes. But some of those decisions haven’t aged well with time. Check them out! Also, let us know in the comments what you think about Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy.


1. Meredith Messing Up With The Alzheimer’s Trial

Meredith Messing With The Alzheimer's Trial in Grey's Anatomy
Meredith Messing With The Alzheimer’s Trial

It is argued that Meredith did the right thing by messing up with the Alzheimer’s trial to help Adele. However, her doing so ruined the whole validity of the trial. Her one decision also got Derek blacklisted from any further trials with the FDA. So, Meredith’s one decision helped Adele but was wrong for Derek and the other participants.

2. Meredith’s Treatment Towards Amelia

Meredith and Amelia in Grey's Anatomy
Meredith and Amelia

After Derek’s death, Meredith was grief-stricken. It was understandable. However, the way she treated Amelia wasn’t right. Meredith often turned cold. It was her personality trait. But this trait isn’t viewed as something nice.


3. Derek’s Family Wasn’t Informed While He Was Dying

Derek's heartbreaking death in Grey's Anatomy
Derek’s heartbreaking death in Grey’s Anatomy

While Derek was dying, Meredith didn’t care to inform his family who could’ve at least met him while he was taking his last breaths. Moreover, nobody other than Meredith got to meet Derek. Derek’s family was of doctors. So, they could’ve helped in some way or the other.

4. Even After Mutually Deciding To Give Each Other A Chance, Meredith Was Always Pushing Derek Away

Pushing Derek away was something Meredith thought was okay in Grey's Anatomy
Pushing Derek away was something Meredith thought was okay

Throughout the third season, we can see Meredith and Derek trying to work it out between each other. However, Meredith continued dating Finn. Secondly, when Derek tried saving her life from drowning in the bathtub, she was not thankful. Derek was giving his 100%, whereas, Meredith was holding back! This shouldn’t have been her attitude if she would have agreed with Derek to work things out. Or she shouldn’t have agreed in the first place.

5. Meredith’s Mistreatment Of Deluca

Meredith did not treat Deluca right
Meredith did not treat Deluca right

Andrew Deluca time and again proved how good a boyfriend he is. But, Meredith never acknowledged or valued the relationship, or Andrew for that matter. She always sidelined him for other things.


6. Meredith Was Jealous Of How Cristina’s Career Was Flourishing

Meredith was jealous towards Cristina's career
Meredith was jealous of Cristina’s career

Even though they were friends, Meredith was jealous of what all Cristina could achieve and she couldn’t. This led to both of them getting involved in unhealthy competition. One fine day they finally came face to face with each other. Cristina’s reaction was bad, but Meredith’s treatment was worse given the fact of what all Cristina was going through then and Meredith knowing about it!

7. Even Though Meredith Wanted Derek, She Slept With George

Sleeping with George, even though Meredith knew she wanted Derek in Grey's Anatomy
Sleeping with George, even though Meredith knew she wanted Derek

Oh, Girl! If you know you want someone, why go with the other one and hurt his feelings too? When George first saw Meredith, he fell for her. The feelings were too strong. However, Meredith never felt the same for him, yet she decided to sleep with him.


Written by Sukanya Kumar Vasisht

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