“I have nightmares about that”: X-Men Actor James McAvoy Revealed Why He Hated Kissing Angelina Jolie While Marvel Co-Star Ethan Hawke Went Weak in His Knees

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X-Men Actor James McAvoy Revealed Why He Hated Kissing Angelina Jolie While Marvel Co-Star Ethan Hawke Went Weak in His Knees

On-screen kissing scenes are not always perfect, and for X-Men star James McAvoy, it was a true nightmare. His first movie kiss with Eternals actress Angelina Jolie in the 2008 action thriller film Wanted was very awkward and uncomfortable.

James McAvoy
James McAvoy

McAvoy even described the experience as “remotely romantic,” and he does not usually get too relaxed when filming intimate scenes for fear that he might give a wrong impression to his co-star.

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James McAvoy Was Not Thrilled Sharing A Kiss With Angelina Jolie

Speaking with Ann Curry from Today, Atonement star James McAvoy confessed his inner thoughts while shooting on-screen love scenes:

I rarely manage to be fully in the moment ever when I do a kissing scene or the s*x scene. If I were truly in the moment, then I would worry that I was molesting someone.”

He also noted that the experience does not really feel as fancy as it looks on the screen. Most of the time, he is worried about smelling bad:

You’re meant to do the kissing last thing, but you end up doing it first thing, just after you’ve had your breakfast, and you’re all funky in the mouth.”

James McAvoy Wanted
James McAvoy in Wanted (2008)

McAvoy starred alongside Salt actress Angelina Jolie in Wanted where he played an office worker hired into a covert organization of assassins. The pair only met during the production, and their first scene involved a kiss:

It was her first day, it was her first scene. I had been on the set for two weeks — it was like, ‘Hey, how you doing, nice to meet you, I’m James, oh, we’re going to do a kissing scene now!’

The actor emphasized that the scene was memorable for its awkwardness. In another interview with The Daily Record, he admitted his worst fear when it comes to filming bed scenes:

It’s sweaty and uncomfortable. My paranoia is the girl I’m doing the s*x scene with will think I’m getting off on her. I have nightmares about that the night before a s*x scene. There’s no chance of getting any kind of stimulus because you’re so nervous, and there’s all these people watching you.”

Aside from his inhibitions, McAvoy also does not feel confident about his looks, which he believes affects his performance.

It’s daunting. They’re considered to be the most beautiful people in the world, and I’m clearly not. I don’t think I’ve been hit by the ugly stick, but I’m not exactly a matinee idol.”

Regardless, the pair managed to deliver their roles with taste and professionalism. It’s just the Tomb Raider actress has a certain charm that knocks people off their feet!

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Ethan Hawke Called Angelina Jolie His Best Movie Kiss

Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke

Meanwhile, Moon Knight actor Ethan Hawke was completely smitten and delighted with his experience locking lips with Angelina Jolie in the 2004 film Taking Lives. He shared on Watch What Happens Live in 2014:

The best on-screen kiss I ever had was Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie was born to whittle men and to make them weak when she kisses you. You don’t know your name.”

On-screen kissing experience is definitely subjective based on the two different accounts. Nevertheless, they were very lucky to have worked with Jolie and, even more so, share an intimate scene with her.

Wanted is available to watch on Netflix.

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