“I haven’t actually heard from him”: Jamie Foxx Made One Comedian’s Life Extremely Miserable With Cruel Prank That Left Him Humiliated in Public

Jamie Foxx once teased comedian Tommy Davidson so ruthlessly that the comedian cut him off completely

Jamie Foxx Made One Comedian’s Life Extremely Miserable With Cruel Prank That Left Him Humiliated in Public


  • Jamie Foxx, throughout his career, has found himself surrounded in controversy often
  • The actor once bullied the comedian Tommy Davidson in a manner that the comedian described it as 'mercilessly mean' in his memoir
  • Tommy Davidson slowly and gradually came to terms with the teasing
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Jamie Foxx is one actor who has worked on some of the most incredible movies. From the biggest franchises to some of the most loved cult classics, he has had the opportunity to do them all. Foxx has worked with some of the biggest directors and actors including Quentin Tarantino and Andrew Garfield. To say that he has range would be an understatement.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Throughout his career, there have been various moments where he has found himself in controversial positions. One such case just so happened to be with comedian Tommy Davidson. The two never managed to see eye to eye after some jokes and pranks went a little too far, distancing their relationship and adding a sense of tension to it.

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Tommy Davidson Was Miserable Because Jamie Foxx’s Jokes

Tommy Davidson has worked with Jamie Foxx on multiple occasions. When he talked about the actor in his memoir, In Living Color, he talked about how the actor had a kind of humor that could easily be described as ‘mercilessly mean.’ However, according to Page Six, he elaborated on what exactly Davidson meant. As per the comedian, the actor had allegedly understood that jokes at the expense of his co-star were the ideal way to win brownie points.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

“I haven’t actually heard from him.”

That had created a lot of tension between the two and they were far from happy with each other. Davidson was unhappy with how much he was being mocked by Foxx. This had gone so far as to the two of them never really contacting each other, with the comedian confirming that the Spider-Man: No Way Home star had not contacted him since.

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Tommy Davidson is at Peace with Jamie Foxx’s Jokes

Tommy Davidson revealed as per Page Six that despite all the pain that Jamie Foxx’s jokes had caused him, he slowly and gradually came to terms with them. He admitted that having a grudge against the actor was not something he wanted to act on, instead, he was happier when he was at peace with his experience.

Out of the various jokes and pranks that Foxx had tried to pull, one was of going off script while they were working on a sketch. This had gone so off rails that the actor pulled at Davidson’s underwear with so much force, so as to rip it apart completely.

Tommy Davidson
Tommy Davidson

“I am learning just to not have to have the world changed for me to be happy.”

Davidson admitted that the entire process of learning to live his life and understanding that the world is different and always will be different from what he wants to be is a harsh reality but one he must understand. The comedian saw it as an opportunity to make himself happy without other people and the world around him having to do it.


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