“I hereby debunk it”: James Gunn Teases Gal Gadot Staying as Wonder Woman in Soft Reboot DCU Despite Ousting Henry Cavill For Younger Superman

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James Gunn’s plans with DCU are still unclear to the fans. Currently, the whole future of the DCU rests on rumors and speculations. While many significant changes in the fate of the classic characters have already been made, several others are uncertain at this point. Amidst all this, The Suicide Squad director dropped another tweet that hints that Gal Gadot might stay in the new era of the DCU despite the removal of several actors who shared the screen with her character.

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

James Gunn is widely known for actively interacting with his fans on the microblogging site. He took to his Twitter account to debunk several rumors as well as reveal some key information about DCU’s future.

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James Gunn speaks about Gal Gadot’s DCU future

Since James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the head chairs under the new WBD leadership of David Zaslav, there have been many rumors and speculations surrounding the future. The speculations were mainly regarding the cancellation of several future projects as well as the recast of many actors.

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James Gunn and Peter Safran

The rumors were further escalated as Henry Cavill’s Superman also got his exit due to new plans even after his comeback in Black Adam. But according to Gunn’s recent statements, Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman is highly unlikely to have a DCU future similar to Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson.

After Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 script was scrapped by Gunn and co., many fans were of the opinion that the character might not be present in the initial chapters of DCU. An Instagram post by Gadot also hinted at a similar outcome but now the DCU co-head hints at a different story. Responding to a fan, he debunked an article by Variety that stated that Wonder Woman would be absent from the starting three years of DCU.


Even though he didn’t directly comment on the future of the Israeli actress in the House of Superman, the confirmation of Wonder Woman’s presence in the DCU might hint towards it. Moreover, James Gunn also stated earlier that he doesn’t plan to recast each and every character, but only a few who don’t fit in the upcoming ten-year plan. It must be remembered that Henry Cavill also faced eviction due to a need for a younger Superman.

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What do we know about the future of the DCU?

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As of now, James Gunn is writing a new Superman movie focusing on a younger Clark Kent. According to new updates, he will release the official details about the new future sometime later this month.

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On top of it, DC is yet to release four movies made under the old regime and all of them will be released this year. This includes Shazam 2, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman 2. It is still a matter of great confusion how they will fit into the new plan for DCU. But if Gal Gadot stays in the DCU, it shows that the studio has planned for a soft reboot instead of a full-fledged one. New updates regarding the future of the DCU will be eagerly awaited.


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