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“I highly doubt it”: Jason Momoa Seemingly Confirms Aquaman 3 Might Never Happen, Fuels Lobo Speculations Against DCU’s New Superman

“I highly doubt it”: Jason Momoa Seemingly Confirms Aquaman 3 Might Never Happen, Fuels Lobo Speculations Against DCU’s New Superman

Jason Momoa’s recent statements have left fans wondering what is really going on at DC Studios. The Aquaman star is set to reprise his DC role in the upcoming sequel. However, considering James Gunn is planning to reboot the DCU, it could be the last time fans will see Momoa as the King of Atlantis. But he is still expected to have an important character in the new DCU.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

After claiming that he will always be Aquaman and that he can also play other characters too, Momoa seems to be hinting at his next DC role. There have been rumors about the Justice League star being cast as Lobo under James Gunn’s new plan for DCU.

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Jason Momoa Hypes Lobo Casting Rumors

Over the past week, Jason Momoa has been hinting about his future in the DCU. Earlier he shared that he has the potential to portray more characters than Aquaman. He also said that he will always be Aquaman. This led fans to believe that the new CEO might be planning to cast Momoa as both Arthur Curry and Lobo.

Jason Momoa is the antagonist in FastX.
Jason Momoa

Fans also have been rooting for the actor to take up the character. While there were claims that the studio might be planning a solo movie for Lobo, rumors also had that Gunn could introduce the character as an antagonist in the Superman reboot.

And Jason Momoa has fueled these rumors after his recent interview with Variety. During this interview, the Slumberland star was asked about the next film in the Aquaman film series. Answering the question if Aquaman 3 would just be a “fun fish tale,” Momoa said, “I highly doubt it. I’m too dramatic.”

DCU Character Lobo.

While he did not say anything specifically, the Braven star’s comment seems to hint that a threequel for Aquaman might never happen. Considering this and his recent video, where he claimed to have received “great news” from Warner Bros, it is believed that the studio is planning to cast him as Lobo under the new DCU.

The Dune star has earlier expressed his desire to portray an antagonist on screen and mentioned that his “DC dream” was finally coming true. And considering the years-long rivalry between Lobo and Superman, there could be a possibility that the bounty hunter and the Kryptonian superhero face each other in DCU.

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Is James Gunn Planning to Introduce Lobo in Superman?

First introduced in 1983 in Omega Men #3 Lobo went on to work with and against several DC heroes. Apart from that, he has been highly associated with Superman. The bounty hunter from the utopian planet of Czarnia is among some of the DC characters, who can match Superman’s strength.

Superman vs Lobo in DC comics
Superman vs Lobo in DC comics

In comics, the duo has worked together several times but is usually considered each other’s nemesis. Considering their relationship in comics, James Gunn could introduce Lobo as an antagonist against his new Superman.

And fans believe that Jason Momoa is the perfect choice to portray the character. And seeing his excitement for his future in the DCU, they are just waiting for the director to confirm the news. The Suicide Squad director has shared that the scripting of his Superman reboot is still in progress.

He also said that he will not cast anyone till the script is “finished or close to finished” and that the cast of the film will not be announced with the DCU slate reveal. The co-CEO is planning to reveal a part of the DCU slate this month.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will release on 25 December 2023.

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Source: Variety

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