“I just didn’t feel it”: Rumored Wolverine Actor Dodged a Bullet by Rejecting Lowest Grossing Star Wars Movie That Ruined Oppenheimer Star’s Career

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The Star Wars franchise has gone through several years which only amplified its impact on the audience. Due to its unique storyline and amazing characters, it has garnered a major fan following globally. Not just that, but it has also brought many actors into major recognition. 

Star Wars 
Star Wars

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However, not everyone has gotten a positive push in their careers as actor, Alden Ehrenreich had to bear a major burden when he starred as the lead protagonist in Solo: A Star Wars Story


Alden Ehrenreich Starred in Lowest Grossing Star Wars Film

Solo Star Wars Alden Ehrenreich
Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

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Solo: A Star Wars Story was a highly anticipated project that finally made it into theatres in 2018 but it was unable to impress the audience. From the sudden departure of directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller due to creative differences with Lucasfilm to becoming a box-office bomb in the history of the franchise, it faced significant challenges. 

However, Alden Ehrenreich was highly targeted since he had to bear the burden to do justice to the iconic Han Solo character. Fans had high hopes for Harrison Ford’s successor in the saga which he eventually fulfilled but the film’s overall performance overshadowed his hard work. 


Failing to meet fans’ overall expectations, the film grossed approximately $393 million worldwide, thus disappointing the franchise. Due to the same, the lead actor had to bear the burden, with many criticizing his portrayal. He has also played a supporting role in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer which grossed over $718 million worldwide. Given that his career got highly affected after his Star Wars film was a disaster, there was an actor who was highly in consideration for the role. 

Taron Egerton Shared About Backing Out from Han Solo Spin-Off

Taron Egerton
Taron Egerton

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When Lucasfilm announced the Han Solo spin-off, many actors coveted to follow the Indiana Jones actor’s footsteps. But, before Ehrenreich was finally cast in 2016, actor, Taron Egerton was a strong contender for the Han Solo role. 


He is also one of the fan favorites whom they wanted to succeed Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine character among other talented personalities. Talking about his involvement with the iconic Star Wars role, he told Josh Horowitz for the Happy Sad Confused podcast,

“I’ll be honest: I got on the Falcon. I was with Chewie. I was in the full costume … And there was one more … there was another round [of auditions] that I decided not to do. And it’s far enough in the past now that I feel like I can say that. I hope no one feels annoyed that I have said it.”

While he could have probably gotten the role, he opened up that he couldn’t feel the role. 

“You know when we mentioned earlier that thing when I read the ‘Kingsman’ script and I was like, ‘This is… I’ve gotta do this. This is my part.’ I just didn’t feel it.”

While he was unable to get excited about the project at the start, it somehow turned out to be better. Had he taken on the role, he would have been in Ehrenreich’s shoes but it all turned out to be best for everyone. 


Source: Happy Sad Confused podcast


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