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“I know things got f****d up between us”: Robert Downey Jr Confesses He Was Wrong About His Ex-Lover Sarah Jessica Parker

"I know things got f****d up between us": Robert Downey Jr Confesses He Was Wrong About His Ex-Lover Sarah Jessica Parker

Robert Downey Jr. is probably one of the most celebrated and revered superstars of the Hollywood industry, and rightfully so. Being the torchbearer of the biggest cinematic franchise in history, he will forever be remembered for playing the role of Iron Man in the MCU.  The legacy of his career as the first superhero from Marvel Studios will always shine bright amongst the millions of fans of the films, many of whom grew up watching the star soar through the skies in a suit of armor.

Jon Favreau and RDJ on the Iron Man set
Jon Favreau and RDJ on the Iron Man set

But while the whole world bows down to one of the greatest of all time, only a few remember the dark past that he was struck in before he became what he is today. With a long list on the rap sheet filled with severe addictions to illicit substances and misbehavior to the greatest extent, the life of RDJ was everything but an easy one, and more often than never, that past comes to haunt us all. Even someone like him is not immune to the horror.

Robert Downey Jr. Reveals That He Was Wrong About Sarah Jessica Parker

Robert Downey Jr Vintage Cars
Robert Downey Jr in his early days

Everyone has a past that they either love or don’t, but if that someone is Robert Downey Jr., they certainly hate what they were in the past. Infamous for his shenanigans in his early days of stardom, RDJ was nothing like how people today know him. Being the worst kind of substance abuser, an anarchist and just a good-for-nothing spoiled Hollywood star, people were just counting the days until they saw him sucked into the quicksand of degeneracy.

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And even the man himself admits that he knew what he was doing, but he was so far into it that he subconsciously destroyed his life. But even amongst all of what was happening, he found solace in his then-lover Sarah Jessica Parker. RDJ has never talked about this before but during a podcast episode of The Howard Stern Show, he revealed that during his time with the actress, he somehow ended up making an image of her in his mind, which was enough to break his precious relationship with her. He revealed that he made amends for it, and also told that this was due to what he was back then. During the show, he said:

“You know, the funny thing is you have a perception of somebody that you spend a big chunk of your life with, and it’s typical to human nature is the further you get away from that in your new relationship, you sub intentionally taint your perception of that person”

During the interview, Robert Downey Jr. talked about his findings as a man who has been through a lot of stuff that sometimes, when you don’t even want to, you still end up making an image of the person that you spent so much of your life with, which only gets tainted with the distance that is created afterward. So when he finally got the chance, the Sherlock Holmes star was quick to set a couple of things straight that were part of his past.

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What Is Next For Robert Downey Jr?

iron man
Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Endgame

After saving the whole universe and sacrificing his life in Avengers: Endgame, we saw how the MCU reacted to the end of an era. From fans growing up watching Iron Man save the day from day one of the MCU to yet again saving the whole universe on his last day, Robert Downey Jr. proved once and for all that he was born to play Iron Man, and there can be no other Tony Stark in the MCU other than him.

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Source: The Howard Stern Show


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