“I lost out on millions”: John Leguizamo Committed a Mega Blunder by Turning Down $384M Movie Because He Was Bored With Ice Age Movies

John Leguizamo didn't want to work on Happy Feet after Ice Age

John Leguizamo in Ice Age


  • John Leguizamo has worked in over 100 movies in his career.
  • He turned down Happy Feet after working in Ice Age.
  • The actor also spoke of his early days of struggle as a Latino actor.
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John Leguizamo is an actor-comedian who has worked on movies like John Wick, Moulin Rouge, Love in the Time of Cholera, among others. He has worked on more than hundred movies, and made a name for himself with his amazing performance. The actor rose to fame playing Luigi in Super Mario Bros. (1993), and although the movie failed to make a mark, Leguizamo became a popular name among fans.

john leguizamo john wick
John Leguizamo in John Wick

But there are also movies that he has turned down in his career, with some decisions that he regretted in the long run. Since he started his Hollywood journey in 1984, with as many films as he has done till now, as well as working in TV and theatre, it is no surprise that he has had to let go of a few projects for various reasons. So let’s find out which famous movies that John Leguizamo has turned down in hai career.

John Leguizamo on Turning Down Roles and Why

John Leguizamo is an actor that is loved by fans immensly. While it was difficult for him to break the stereotype of getting cast as ‘the token Mexican’ in movie and shows, he managed to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With hundreds of projects under his belt, he had to let go of a few over time, with some that he regretted later.


Leguizamo said that he tuned down movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Happy Feet. Speaking to Business Insider, about rejection these offers, he said:

“I had my reasons. I mean, they’re stupid, but I had my reasons.”

John Leguizamo voices Sid the Sloth in the Ice Age film series
John Leguizamo voices Sid the Sloth in the Ice Age film series

On turning down Happy Feet, the actor said:

“I had done ‘Ice Age. I was going, ‘I don’t want to be doing all these ice movies.’ Such a stupid reason. But it seemed logical to me at the moment, and then I lost out on millions.”

He was offered “the Stanley Tucci part,” in The Devil Wears Prada, the Robin Williams part in Happy Feet, and the Vince Vaughn role, who played best friend/partner to Brad Pitt in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


John Leguizamo Speaks of His Struggle In His Early Days

John Leguizamo has been speaking better representation of Latinos in Hollywood for years. In his early days, despite being talented he was not given the opportunities that could have propelled his career further. After facing struggle for so many years, the actor wanted to be someone that others who are coming up the ladder, could look up to.

John Leguizamo in The Menu (2022).
John Leguizamo in The Menu (2022).

“Sometimes when you’re a person of color, you’re so used to being dissed that you think you’re being dissed, and sometimes you’re not being dissed. So that’s what happens, and you have to go to a lot of therapy to fix that.”

He further added:

“I just hope that kids see themselves in my work, that they feel a link to it, that they feel that the DNA of my work sort of highlights them and their culture.”

You can catch John Leguizamo in Leguizamo Does America on MSNBC.

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