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‘I love Wonder Woman’: As James Gunn Reportedly Axes Wonder Woman 3, DC Fans Come Forward to Support Gal Gadot

Fans support Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman amidst cancelation.

Bad news for DC fans as Wonder Woman 3 is canceled from development by the alleged order of James Gunn. After taking the position as the co-head of DC Studios, it seems The Suicide Squad director wants some changes in the newly formed DCU.

Following reports of the cancelation of Wonder Woman 3, there are also rumors that Gunn is all set to remove Henry Cavill from the studios as well due to the eradication of Snyderverse.

James Gunn and Idris Elba on the sets of The Suicide Squad (2021).
James Gunn and Idris Elba on the sets of The Suicide Squad (2021).

James Gunn’s Canceled Wonder Woman 3 Gets Support

Directed by Patty Jenkins, the first part of the Wonder Woman franchise was released in 2017. Boasting an impressive storyline and directing skills, the film was praised and loved by billions. The sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), however, received disappointing reviews. It was reported that while the shooting of Wonder Woman 3 was underway, the project was canceled due to an internal dispute within the DC Studios.

Gal Gadot as Princess Diana in Wonder Woman (2017).
Gal Gadot as Princess Diana in Wonder Woman (2017).

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Following the cancelation, people started tweeting about how wonderful the first movie was, as rumors of James Gunn canceling the third instalment started spreading. The people took to Twitter to express their gratitude to the Iranian actress,  Gal Gadot, who portrayed the role beautifully since her part remains unconfirmed in the DCU.

The people clearly stand with another Wonder Woman movie and feel like giving director Patty Jenkins another chance at redemption. Wonder Woman 1984 was received terribly at the box office as it received a bare minimum of 5.4/10 on IMDB and 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. There are also rumors that the co-head of DC Studios, James Gunn wants to completely eradicate the Snyderverse building inside the DCU. The removal of Wonder Woman 3 from the DCU could be one of the solutions to the problem (one which the people clearly hate). Much like a coin, it’s not all bad for James Gunn since according to other reports, the director had nothing to do with the decision!

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Did James Gunn Really Cancel Wonder Woman 3?

James Gunn is rumored to not have a say in canceling Wonder Woman 3.
James Gunn is rumored to not have a say in canceling Wonder Woman 3.

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According to alleged reports, James Gunn was not at all involved in the decision to cancel Wonder Woman 3. Rumor has it that director Patty Jenkins was allegedly told to take the character of Wonder Woman in a different direction. Being adamant about her character arc, Patty Jenkins allegedly walked off when they wouldn’t change the decision of allowing her to continue with her current storyline.

These rumors further state that James Gunn had no say about this decision and it was all Patty Jenkins who walked off the set without talking to anyone, Gunn in particular. There has been no confirmation as to why Wonder Woman 3 was canceled or who it was canceled by. While most of the fingers point at James Gunn, it remains unclear as to what the DC Studios will be doing further down the road. Gal Gadot’s comments remain sealed as there has been no confirmation whether the actress will stay in the DCU without Patty Jenkins around.

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