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“That’s not a priority for me”: James Gunn Wants Brand New Green Lantern in DCU After Dismissing Ryan Reynolds Returning as Hal Jordan

James Gunn Wants Brand New Green Lantern in DCU

Following the cancelation of Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman 3, James Gunn is having trouble organizing the newly formed DCU. The co-head of DC Studios seemingly dismissed the character of Green Lantern and Ryan Reynolds.

Amidst rumors of The Suicide Squad director trying to erase the Snyderverse from the DCU, the director also proclaimed that Green Lantern and Superman will indeed make their appearances on the big screen soon.

James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad (2021).
James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad (2021).

James Gunn And His Disinterest in Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern

Since the Guardians of the Galaxy director has become the co-head of DC Studios, there has been a lot of confusion and chaos. In today’s time, when Dwayne Johnson wants to completely redefine DC for the people, Gunn has his own plans in mind.

James Gunn does not consider Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern, a priority.
James Gunn does not consider Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, a priority.

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While remembering DC’s heritage, James Gunn took to Twitter to talk about the 1978 classic hit, Superman. The film had completed 44 years since its premiere and Gunn shared it with the people. As is a habit of James Gunn’s to reply to some people, fans asked the director about the upcoming projects and characters in the DCU.

The Peacemaker director was asked by a fan whether they would be allowed to see Green Lantern and the “almighty Ryan Reynolds” once again on the big screens. Gunn’s reply was a simple statement that stated that it was not a priority either for him or Ryan Reynolds.

The director further clarified that Ryan Reynolds in the character of Green Lantern was not a priority since the Deadpool actor would be busy anyways. Gunn stated in a follow-up tweet that the Green Lantern content was indeed important so the people might get to see a Green Lantern movie on the horizon in the coming years.

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 James Gunn On Superman Being A Priority

James Gunn might have a problem with Henry Cavill.
James Gunn might have a problem with Henry Cavill.

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Ever since taking the position as the co-head of  DC Studios, fans theorize that James Gunn is trying to eradicate the Snyderverse that has been formed in the DCU. Following reports of the cancelation of Wonder Woman 3, there are also rumors that Henry Cavill could also be leaving his much-loved seat of Superman. Since Cavill is essentially the frontman/symbol of the Snyderverse, the Scooby-Doo writer could very well remove the actor to symbolize the newly formed DCU. Not all hope is lost though, in the same above-mentioned tweet, James Gunn also talked about Superman.

While replying to a fan who awaits the return of his beloved Superman on the big screens, James Gunn confirmed that Superman is the biggest priority at the moment. Although it is unclear whether Henry Cavill is involved in the project or not, DC might lose its fans if the actor were to be replaced for any reason.

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