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“I love you”: Jonathan Majors’ Girlfriend Wants Millionaire Boyfriend Back After Assault Charges, Text Chain Leak Confirms

"I love you": Jonathan Majors' Girlfriend Wants Millionaire Boyfriend Back After Assault Charges, Text Chain Leak Confirms

New evidence and statements from Jonathan Majors’ girlfriend were shared by his lawyer, refuting the assault allegations that led to the actor’s arrest. The Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania(2023) star was taken into custody on March 25 in a New York City apartment and charged with assault. In response, his lawyer released a statement asserting Majors’ innocence and his status as a victim, but the investigation is ongoing. Despite this, the actor faced online criticism and backlash after news of the assault charge emerged.

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

Evidence that proves Jonathan Majors’ innocence has been presented by his lawyer

Jonathan Majors’ criminal defense lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, issued a statement, stating that the actor “categorically denies” the allegations of assault against his girlfriend. The statement also noted that Majors had called 911 himself out of concern for his girlfriend’s mental health. The statement read:

“Mr. Majors completely denies assaulting the woman. Around 11 a.m. on March 25, 2023, Jonathan Majors called 911 out of concern for the woman’s mental health.”

Jonathan Majors star in Creed 3
Jonathan Majors star in Creed 3(2023)

According to Chaudhry, Jonathan Majors’ arrest was the outcome of an NYPD protocol that stipulates it in certain situations. Additionally, she disclosed that Majors’ girlfriend later sent text messages acknowledging her use of physical force against him. The statement further stated:

“The police arrived with the paramedics, as is standard procedure, and arrested Mr. Majors due to an NYPD protocol requiring arrest in certain circumstances. On that same day, only 7 and 9 hours later, the woman sent text messages to Mr. Majors admitting that she was the one who used physical force against him.”

The lawyer further stated that Majors’ girlfriend refuted any claims of misconduct on the actor’s part and corroborated Majors’ account that he had contacted the police.

“She also disavowed any allegations that he had done anything to her and confirmed that Mr. Majors called 911 because of her mental condition. These are those messages, redacting the woman’s name for her privacy.”

The team of Majors is adamant and busy proving the actor’s innocence, in the entire fiasco. The actor was also soon released from custody.

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The Text Chain Leak that proves Jonathan Major’s innocence

Below is the text message exchange between Jonathan Majors and his girlfriend, where she denies the assault allegations and accepts responsibility for the dispute that led to Majors’ arrest. Her messages indicate that she had tried to grab his phone, causing the argument.

Text Chain Leak from Jonathan Major's Girlfriend's phone
Text Chain Leak from Jonathan Major’s Girlfriend

The above text chain read:

“Please let me know you’re okay when you get this. They assured me that you won’t be charged. They said they had to arrest you as protocol when they saw the injuries on me and they knew we had a fight.”

The text messages also revealed that the woman, who was the alleged victim, expressed her anger towards the way the entire situation had been presented and also added, “I love you” for the actor. She also hinted that she wants the charges to be removed and to get back together with him again. She even claimed the entire argument was her fault.

“They just called again to check on me and I reiterated how this was not an attack and they do not have my blessing on any charges being placed. I read the paper they gave me about strangulation and I said point blank this did not occur and should be removed immediately.”

“The judge is definitely going to be told this. She ensured this to me. I know you have the best team and there’s nothing to worry about I just want you to know that I’m doing all I can my end. I also said to tell the judge to know that the origin of the call was to do with me collapsing and passing out and your worry as my partner due to our communication prior. Out of care. She promised all will be relayed.”

The text exchange shows that the entire situation might just be a misunderstanding.

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The Potential Impact of Jonathan Majors’ arrest on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

In Marvel’s upcoming film Avengers: The Kang Dynasty(2025), Jonathan Majors will play the role of Kang the Conqueror, a prominent and formidable villain in the Marvel universe. Kang was hinted at as the next significant adversary of the Avengers in the post-credit scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania(2023).

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Jonathan Majors as Kang in Ant-Man 3 opposite to Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
Jonathan Majors as Kang in Ant-Man 3(2023) opposite to Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

The current uncertainty surrounding the Marvel timeline is reminiscent of the situation in the DC Universe. Fans have noted similarities between Jonathan Majors and Ezra Miller, who has faced criticism over concerning behavior while playing the role of the Flash in the DC Studios film. In 2022, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii, with charges including disorderly conduct, harassment, and second-degree assault. Additionally, they have been accused of abuse, grooming minors, and leading a cult.

In the wake of Majors’ arrest, supporters are questioning whether Marvel will replace him, which would necessitate significant reshoots or delays, or retain him and address any potential public relations issues.

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