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‘I Mean, Yeah Perfect’: Miles Teller Is All in for Playing James Bond After Grandma’s Nomination Campaign Goes Ultra Viral

Miles Teller Is All in for Playing James Bond After Grandmas Nomination Campaign Goes Ultra Viral

It’s been a year since we last saw the action-packed movie of the 007 agent James Bond in No Time To Die. Now, several actors are dreaming of bagging this role and so is Miles Teller’s grandmother (for Miles Teller, of course). After Daniel Craig bids farewell to the Bond franchise once and for all, this is anyone’s game to take up the mantle and be called the next Bond.

Jonah Hill (left) and Miles Teller (right) in War Dogs (2016),
Jonah Hill (left) and Miles Teller (right) in War Dogs (2016),

Miles Teller’s Grandma’s campaign goes viral

Spoiler Warning for No Time To Die (Come on, the movie’s a year old)

No Time to Die was lauded for sticking to the decision of killing the MI6 agent James Bond in the final scene of the film. Daniel Craig the then James Bond has now said farewell to the franchise and the title of the new agent 007 is up for grabs. And here’s where Miles Teller comes in.

Miles Teller as Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick.
Miles Teller as Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick.

Miles Teller made rounds around the internet for playing the character of Rooster in the new film Top Gun: Maverick and since then, fans have been in love with this underrated star. Miles Teller has also done several movies such as War Dogs, Whiplash, Fantastic Four, and The Divergent Series.

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A recent campaign by Miles Teller’s grandmother saw her giving her grandson a chance to become the next James Bond in the upcoming films! Reacting to his grandmother’s campaign, Miles Teller recently spoke to ET,

“Yeah. I mean, yeah perfect. I think we’re actors, you know, so maybe you can mix it up a little bit.” this is what the actor had to say for the next Bond role.

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The need for a mix-up

To date, only the Australian actor George Lazenby has been known to play the titular character of Bond in the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Making him the only non-British character to take up the role of James Bond. Miles Teller would love for the producers to mix it up and let James Bond be played by other ethnicities as well!

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die.
Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die.

Do you think it will be disappointing?

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There have been several theories about the potential casting of James Bond to go to actors like Henry Cavill (I’d love that), Richard Madden, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, and Tom Hardy. There has been, however, no official confirmation as to the deal and several other actors like Miles Teller would also love to toss their names into the ring.

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