“I might just be this roaming pair of br**st”: Kate Beckinsale Had One Big Concern Before Working With Adam Sandler in $240 Million Worth Movie

Kate Beckinsale was especially concerned about the ambience of the set, but what awaited her was vastly different from what she was expecting.

"I might just be this roaming pair of br**st": Kate Beckinsale Had One Big Concern Before Working With Adam Sandler in $240 Million Worth Movie


  • Kate Beckinsale had some reservations about being on the set of her 2006 film 'Click', starring Adam Sandler.
  • The actress was pleasantly surprised by the ambience on the set, putting to rest her fears about the production.
  • The actress's daughter developed quite the relationship with Sandler, with the actor feeling especially sad when the production ended.
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Kate Beckinsale starred with Adam Sandler in his film Click, playing the wife of his character. The film was pretty successful for its genre and time, grossing about 240 million USD. However, Beckinsale had certain reservations about working with Sandler.

Kate Beckinsale in Click
Kate Beckinsale in Click

Back in 2006, the actress, along with Sandler, presented their thoughts on the film in an interview with Black Film, where the actress, slightly embarrassed, revealed what she thought about Sandler and his sets, expecting a completely different experience than the one she received.

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Beckinsale expected to be a ‘roaming pair of br**st ” on set

A still from Click
A still from Click

A large concern that Beckinsale had was that she would not fit on the set of Click. After all, the film was a comedy about a man who finds a ‘universal remote’ that allows him to manipulate reality like a film on TV. Further, given that it was an Adam Sandler film, made Beckinsale unsure of what the vibe on the set would be like. Speaking to Black Film, the actress said:

“I really don’t like to do that while he’s here. I had such an amazing time on the movie. I really did think that I might just be this roaming pair of br**st that wouldn’t quite fit and that I would be tolerated and then I might bend over and it might be an event.”

Beckinsale was under the impression that her being on set would insight some immature behavior, given that Adam Sandler was mostly a comedy performer, and projected an immature image, something that Beckinsale expected to bleed into his work ethic and the ambience on the set.

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Beckinsale actually enjoyed the atmosphere on the set of Click

A still from Click
A still from Click

Despite all her reservations and the expectations from the set of the film, Beckinsale actually had a ball of a time on set. The actress was especially pleased with how Sandler handled the children on set, including her own daughter. She said:

“My daughter was around and these kids were brilliant in the movie. If I had a child actor I would want them to be in an Adam Sandler movie because he just comes in and makes them so comfortable and he is so brilliant with them and they go ahead and think that they have this special relationship with him and my daughter has decided that she’s a relative while doing the movie.”

Beckinsale enjoyed her work so much on set, that she felt sad that shooting had wrapped. The actress was pleasantly surprised about the set and the goings on in the film. Sandler especially put her at ease with his behavior, putting any concerns she had about the set to rest. Click went on to become a pretty standard success, earning the average amount that an Adam Sandler film did in the early 2000s.


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