“I must be careful with what I’m saying”: Dune 2 Director Denis Villeneuve Had a Stern Message After Being Compared to Christopher Nolan

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Dune 2 Director Denis Villeneuve Had a Stern Message After Being Compared to Christopher Nolan

The Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve is yet to win an Oscar, but it seems like he might be having his hand on it after Dune 2. From debuting back in 1998 with the film August 32nd on Earth, which was also written by him, he came a long way. The 55-year-old Canadian filmmaker is best known for his thriller and Sci-fi movies and the Dune film series emerges as the perfect amalgamation of what he does best.

Recently the trailer of Dune 2 was released, and the fans seemed excited about it, but when the 1st part of Dune came out One of the most celebrated directors of all time, Christopher Nolan, heaped praises on him. The film Dune impressed the fans so much that a debate soon started mentioning the 55-year-old Canadian filmmaker and Christopher Nolan, on who can be the next best Filmmaker. 

Denis Villeneuve on a movie set
Denis Villeneuve

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Does Denis Villeneuve Overtake Christopher Nolan In Terms Of Sci-Fi Films

Despite the debate, there is no reason that both talented Filmmakers can’t exist at the same time as it will be a treat to the eyes of the movie viewers. The Interstellar director was recently in the news due to the highly anticipated movie of all time, Oppenheimer, which wasn’t a Sci-fi movie. The last sci-fi movie that was made by Christopher Nolan was Tenet, a movie that wasn’t accepted well among the viewers and got mixed reviews. It can be the reason that he isn’t making any more sci-fi films and focusing on real science movies. 

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However, the case of Denis Villeneuve is different, he is still practicing the art of making Sci-fi films and might come close to the 53-year-old English filmmaker’s skills. When both proficient filmmakers sat together over a weekend to discuss the film Dune in the podcast Director’s Cut by DGA, Christopher Nolan was all in praise of the Dune director. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Interstellar director said.

“It’s one of the most seamless marriages of live-action photography and computer-generated visual effects that I’ve seen,” Nolan said. “It’s very, very compelling at every turn.” he further added. I think this film is going to introduce a whole new generation of fans to Dune who have never read the book and perhaps will go and read it now. I think it’s an extraordinary piece of work. I’ve had the luxury of seeing it a couple of times now, and each time I watch it I discover new things, new details to the world. The way in which it’s made is absolutely for the big screen. It’s a real pleasure and a real gift to film fans everywhere — and thank you very much for that, Denis.”

Even the 53-year-old English filmmaker went on to call Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 an incredible piece to watch and how good his sense of VFX is. Nonetheless, both the Filmmakers became allies when both condemned Warner Bros for making films available on OTT devices too soon which is ruining films that are made for bigger screens. 

Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya from a scene in Dune
Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya from Dune

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Why Denis Villeneuve Doesn’t Want To Get Compared To The Oppenheimer Director

There is no introspection to the fact that Christopher Nolan has cemented a place among the minds of the Sci-fi and movie lovers. He is, one of the most celebrated filmmakers of all time and the era of the 2000s belonged to him. However, if we look forward to the era of the 2010s and twenties it seems like Denis Villeneuve has really upped his game. When asked in an interview by The Hollywood Reporter how he feels when he and the Interstellar director get mentioned in the same sentence. To this the Dune director replied.

“It’s not false humility, and I must be careful with what I’m saying here. It’s just that I like to think that I’m still learning my craft and that every movie is a learning experience. If one day I feel that I’m in control and that I’ve totally mastered the tools, then maybe I could be called a master, but it’s not the case right now. I’m learning too much. (Laughs.) I think that Chris is a contemporary master, and each time he raises the bar so high. So … it’s a beautiful compliment to be associated with a filmmaker of that caliber, but I don’t listen to that, frankly.”

Christopher Nolan in an event
Christopher Nolan

The Canadian Filmmaker considers the director of Tenet as the greatest filmmaker of all time and even said in an interview with Reelblend podcast that he considers Tenet a real “masterpiece”. He talked about his fascination with the English Filmmaker and how Christopher Nolan always sets the bar higher with his every launch. Dune 2 is going to be released on the 15th of March 2024.

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Written by Sushovan Mondal