“I never loved any of that”: Woody Allen Hints He Might Never Direct a Film Again After Making a Surprising Confession

Woody Allen reveals he might not direct a movie again, as he states filmmaking has lost its magic.

“I never loved any of that”: Woody Allen Hints He Might Never Direct a Film Again After Making a Surprising Confession


  • Woody Allen is one of the most famous filmmakers of modern times, having several accolades to his name.
  • Yet the director's career has not been without controversies, due to which he seems to have shifted entirely to Europe.
  • After his latest film was release d in US theatres after a long time, Allen spoke on how filmmaking has changed and whether he would be directing again.
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Woody Allen has largely been missing from the American entertainment scene for quite some time now. Majorly working in Europe, the director’s career in the US seems to have gone only downhill ever since the s*xual abuse allegations against him by his adopted daughter.

Woody Allen (via CBS News Inyterview)
Woody Allen (via CBS News interview)

Yet the director is back now in American theatres with his latest romantic thriller, Coup de Chance. However, the director seems to have no plans to continue making movies, as he recently revealed in a new interview after making a shocking claim about the craft.

Woody Allen States ‘The Romance of Filmmaking’ is Gone

Woody Allen's Coup de Chance
Woody Allen’s Coup de Chance

Woody Allen has been in the entertainment business for more than six decades now. An actor, filmmaker, and comedian, Allen has several accolades to his name that make him one of the best filmmakers of contemporary times. But like any other celebrity, Allen has not been free from controversies.


Over three decades ago, the actor was accused of allegedly s*xually abusing his adopted daughter (via NY Times), the impact of which can still be felt on his career. After recently reentering the American theatres with his latest Coup de Chance, the director sat down with Air Mail for an exclusive interview and stated,

“It doesn’t matter to me whether I get distributed here [America] or not. Once I make it, I don’t follow it anymore. Distribution is no longer what it was. Now distribution is two weeks in a cinema… And then that’s it. I mean, ‘Annie Hall’ played in movie houses in New York for a little bit over a year. It’d be in one theater for six, seven months, and then somebody would pick it up and it would hang around another few months. The whole business has changed, and not in an appealing way. All the romance of filmmaking is gone.”

While some would argue otherwise, Allen seems to have given up on the craft. yet he revealed he might consider it if presented with a no-strings opportunity.

Woody Allen Might Not Make a Movie Again

Allen might never direct a movie again (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
Allen might never direct a movie again (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

It is no secret that Woody Allen’s reputation and legacy have been greatly tarnished by the s*xual assault allegations against him. And so securing a movie might not be easy for him, especially when it comes to America.


Thus, while talking to Air Mail recently, the director was asked if he would ever make a movie again. And he remarked,

“I’m on the fence about it. I don’t want to have to go out to raise money. I find that a pain in the neck. But if someone shows up and calls in and says we want to back the film, then I would seriously consider it… I would probably not have the willpower to say no, because I have so many ideas”

While he seems to be on the fence about returning to filmmaking, Allen in the end made a shocking claim that he has never really adored the movie-making business.

“There are many directors who love the whole business of making movies, choosing the costumes and working with actors. I never loved any of that.”

Despite the success that Woody Allen has achieved as a filmmaker, the director appears to have given up on the whole craft. While he does remain open to the possibility of returning to filmmaking, only time will tell what the future holds for the director.


Coup de Chance is in theatres now.


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