‘I never understood what that name was’: Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on Halloween Ends As Franchise Comes to End


Regarded as a classic in the Horror genre is John Carpenter’s Halloween from 1978. Credited with birthing the horror genre, it starred Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Donald Pleasence as Dr. Samuel Loomis, while Tony Moran played the unmasked Michael Myers.

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Regarded as one of John Carpenter’s best movies, alongside The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness, the director still fondly looks back on his classic. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he stated:

“I feel fabulous about it. It is also fabulous when I look up from my perch on my couch and a check arrives in the mail. I feel extremely happy.”

Michael Myers
Michael Myers from the Halloween series

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Good girls finish last

One of the most common tropes in the slasher genre is the flanderization of characters, including the innocent virgin girl being the one to survive the wrath of the murderous villain. Called the ‘final girl’, the term was first coined by Carol Colver.

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In her book Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film, she described the final survivor of the slasher genre to be a female virgin character.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis in the later installations of the Halloween series

Some famous final girl characters from slasher classics include Sally Hardesty from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Dana Polk from The Cabin in the Woods, Sidney Prescott from Scream, and many more.


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Jamie Lee Curtis chimes in

Jamie Lee Curtis has appeared in many installments of the Halloween series, starting with the original. Despite being the final girl in many of the sequels. She stated in an interview with the Salon that she never understood the importance of the final girl, until the latest installment in the series:


“It was deeply emotional and cathartic. I mean, when you call her a final girl — I never really understood how important that name was until I made this last movie. And now I really understand it. And I think you’ll be very happy.”

Jaime Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in the Halloween series

After the film finished wrapping up, Jamie Lee Curtis called the final day of production bittersweet on her Instagram post. While she enjoyed working with the crew and making great friends, she was satisfied with her character’s end.

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Halloween Ends is expected to release on October 14 of this year.

Source: Vanity Fair


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