“I’m proud to announce that the new James Bond will be me”: After Daniel Craig’s Retirement From $7.8 Billion James Bond Franchise, Hollywood Star Makes a Hilarious Statement

"I'm proud to announce that the new James Bond will be me": After Daniel Craig's Retirement From $7.8 Billion James Bond Franchise, Hollywood Star Makes a Hilarious Statement
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With a legacy spanning over six decades, James Bond has become an iconic character, crafted by British author Ian Fleming in 1953, and has thrilled fans worldwide. The most recent portrayal of Bond came from the talented Daniel Craig. However, following the actor’s retirement from the prestigious franchise, the search for his successor has set fans’ expectations on fire.

Rebel Wilson
Actress, Rebel Wilson

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In a recent interview, the comedic star Rebel Wilson cheekily proclaimed to be the new James Bond. Wilson’s playful declaration adds a twist of humor to the speculation surrounding the next Bond.


Rebel Wilson Auditioned For Next James Bond

The search for the next actor to play the iconic character and fill the shoes of James Bond has been a subject of spirited anticipation and speculation.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has shed some light on the casting process for Bond 26, the upcoming installment in the renowned franchise. As the franchise has undergone recasting several times in the past, it comes as no surprise that the audition process for the 26th film has been kept under tight wraps.

The 43-year-old revealed that she had auditions for a role in the next James Bond movie after catching the attention of producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson while hosting the 2022 BAFTA Film Awards.


Her Bond-related jokes during the awards ceremony sparked a connection with the producers, leading to the opportunity for an audition.

Actress, Rebel Wilson
Comedian, Rebel Wilson

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However, the Australian actress remained secretive about the specific role she auditioned for, clarifying that it wasn’t the main lead.


During the BAFTA Film Awards, Wilson playfully joked about being cast in the upcoming 007 film, she said,

“Bond is turning 60 and his girlfriend is turning 25. I know there’s speculation in the audience it might be them, [during which the camera spanned to Pam & Tommy’s Sebastian Stan and Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya]. Boys, hold on to your martinis, this is a scoop, the Broccolis said I could announce it, OK. I’m proud to announce that the new James Bond will be me.”

The Ghost Rider performer’s audition, which took place last year, hints at potential progress in the development of the new Bond film.

While the casting process for the next Bond has been shrouded in secrecy and taken its time, the existence of other roles being considered suggests that a script or at least an outline may have been completed by last year.


This suggests that the film could be ready for production as soon as the producers find their new James Bond.

James Bond Movies Have A Remarkable Box Office Record

James Bond
James Bond, EON Production

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The James Bond franchise has carved a memorable mark in the world of cinema, boasting an exceptional box office record that continues to amaze both fans and industry insiders. 


As one of the oldest and most profitable movie franchises, James Bond has often set new benchmarks for box office success.

With producers currently in search of the next Bond, the franchise has witnessed some of the highest-grossing openings in cinematic history.

Although box office data for Bond films are available from 1977 onwards, EON Productions, the studio behind the majority of the films, has released a total of 25 Bond installments since the franchise’s inception in 1962.

Daniel Craig
James Bond Star, Daniel Craig

Noteworthy entries in the franchise include Skyfall (2012), starring Daniel Craig, which collected an impressive $1.109 billion worldwide and became the first Bond film to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide.

Quantum of Solace (2008), also featuring Craig, grossed $589 million, while Spectre (2015) secured $880.7 million worldwide at the box office. Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day (2002) amassed $431.9 million, and The World Is Not Enough (1999) starring Brosnan, garnered $361.8 million worldwide.

James Bond movies have consistently attracted moviegoers in search of exhilarating escapades on the silver screen.


With each new release, anticipation builds, and audiences eagerly moved to theaters, eager to immerse themselves in the latest heart-pounding missions and electrifying showdowns.

Source: Variety


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