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“I really need to meet her”: James Cameron Reveals Why He Chose Kate Winslet For One of the Biggest Roles of Her Career in Titanic

"I really need to meet her": James Cameron Reveals Why He Chose Kate Winslet For One of the Biggest Roles of Her Career in Titanic

James Cameron is no stranger to crafting movies that break the language barrier and become a global phenomenon. The Avatar director is known for creating some of the most influential pieces of cinema in the last four decades, including Terminator 2: The Judgment Day, Aliens, and Titanic.

And it appears that the director was hesitant about casting Kate Winslet for the role of Rose at the beginning. But it eventually changed, as Cameron revealed the reason that made him change his mind about the Oscar winner and provided Winslet her breakthrough role.

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James Cameron's Titanic (1997)
James Cameron’s Titanic (1997)

James Cameron reveals his reason behind casting Kate Winslet in Titanic

With the Titanic inching toward its 25th anniversary, James Cameron has provided his reason behind casting a young Kate Winslet in the lead for one of his biggest movies.  But it appears that the Avatar: The Way of Water director almost skipped Winslet for the role at the beginning.

The Avatar director shared that he was adamant about making his Titanic a Romeo and Juliet-inspired story and was looking out for every young actress in the industry for the role of Rose. And even though the name Winslet was hovering around at the time, the director was a little hesitant about casting her at the beginning, as he thought it would be a typecasting.

And it all changed after they set up a truly old-fashioned screen test for Winslet and after witnessing her performance, Cameron was sure that she was the one and only Rose for his movie. And it wasn’t the only time that Kate Winslet was going to be part of James Cameron’s grand vision, as 25 years later, she got another chance to reunite with Cameron in Avatar: The Way of Water.

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Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic
Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic

Kate Winslet reunites with James Cameron for the Avatar sequel

After making one of the most influential movies of all time under the leadership of Cameron, the Oscar winner was once again on board for Cameron’s next vision. The Titanic actress reunited with James Cameron in the sequel of the highest-grossing movie of all time, where she portrayed the role of Ronal.

The actress shared her excitement about working with Cameron again and also shared her love for the first Avatar movie. Winslet was also proud of her achievement of holding her breath underwater for over 7 minutes during the shooting of the Avatar sequel and is set to return for the upcoming threequel, which will hit theatres in 2024.

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Kate Winslet as Ronal in Avatar: The Way of Water
Kate Winslet as Ronal in Avatar: The Way of Water

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