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“I recall that he didn’t have one”: Harvey Weinstein Gets Trapped For His ‘Scarred Genitalia’ After Multiple Victims Testify Against Disgraced Producer in Trial to Put Him Behind the Bars For Good

Harvey Weinstein Gets Trapped For His ‘Scarred Genitalia’ After Multiple Victims Testify Against Disgraced Producer in Trial to Put Him Behind the Bars For Good

Harvey Weinstein has been facing a trial for sexually assaulting multiple women and whether or not he and the defense would deny these allegations, it seems to have come to light that victims being rather descriptive of his peculiar genitalia might be the exact proof that the jury would require. This in turn has sided against him and further adds to these allegations.

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Harvey Weinstein

The producer’s medical condition came to light and has since then brought about a downfall for him as it only makes the sexual assault allegations more and more concrete. While it gets more difficult for him to fight against them, the attorneys of these women now hold a much stronger ground to prove their case.

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Harvey Weinstein Cannot Escape Allegations Because Of His Unusual Genitalia

In an unexpected turn of events, while initially during the trial, Harvey Weinstein’s peculiar genitalia became a topic of conversation frequently, it was surprising when the same aspect soon became evidence for the case. When it came for the victims to give further proof of Weinstein sexually assaulting them, the women went on to describe his genitals and how unusual they were. It only further added as holding a key point of him being guilty of r*pe.

harvey weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

The trial revealed that Harvey Weinstein underwent surgery for Fournier’s Gangrene, which led to his testicles being removed from his scrotum and replaced into his inner thighs in 1999. This left the producer with multiple scars and marks throughout his body. When the women, who chose to remain anonymous, described his genitals in detail, it became undeniable as the attorneys then claimed that there was no other way they would have known about his condition had he not r*ped them.

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Harvey Weinstein Still Awaits The Result Of The Trial

The first victim, who went by Jane Doe #1 is a European actor and model who stated that she first interacted with Harvey Weinstein at a film festival and was then sexually assaulted in her hotel where he forced her into doing things she did not consent to. This allowed the defense to prove these allegations wrong as on one end she was stating about his abnormalities and on the other end, she was proving them otherwise.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

“His p*nis was disgusting. It looked like it had been chopped off and sewn back on, like something wasn’t right about it.”

More victims, who also went by the anonymity of Jane Doe remarked on his genitalia and how there had been multiple exchanges of emails between them. This kept adding to their case and proved more and more against him.

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Source: Variety

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