“I saw myself on that Mr. Universe stage”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Defied Military Orders, Beat 28 Guys To Win Bodybuilding Competition

"I saw myself on that Mr. Universe stage": Arnold Schwarzenegger Defied Military Orders, Beat 28 Guys To Win Bodybuilding Competition
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is among the most impressive and inspiring personalities in Hollywood. The Terminator star has donned numerous roles in his illustrious life, from becoming Mr. Universe to being elected as Governor of California, there seems to be no limit for the 75-year-old star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger defied military orders to pursue bodybuilding career
Arnold Schwarzenegger defied military orders to pursue a bodybuilding career

Having led such an eventful life, many have long been interested in the personal life of the star. As Netflix’s three-part documentary on the life of the True Lies star has been released, it has uncovered many secrets about Schwarzenegger’s life as well as revealed some impressive details.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Defied Military Orders To Become Body-Building Champ

Schwarzenegger's true calling lied in the world of bodybuilding
Schwarzenegger’s true calling lay in the world of bodybuilding

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been open about his life back in Austria. Growing up in poverty with an abusive father and emotionally distant mother, the star had to undergo many hardships to reach where he is now. In his documentary with Netflix, titled ‘Arnold‘, he spoke up about his need to go abroad and create a different life for himself.

Schwarzenegger recalls how in Austria everyone had to serve in the military and that one could not have a passport made unless they had completed their mandatory military service. Hence, eager to make an escape, he enlisted in the military at the age of 18.


“In the middle of the basic training, I got this invitation to go to this competition in Stuttgart, Germany, Eupopean’s Best Build Man in the Junior Divison. When I asked them ‘Can  I go’, they said no. I did not realize that when you’re in the middle of the basic training, you are not allowed to leave. I went anyway.”

Even with all the repercussions he had to go through, Schwarzenegger did not regret one bit leaving in the middle of military training. Among the 28 other guys in the competition, the Total Recall actor won first place. And right then he realized where his career and heart lies, in the world of bodybuilding.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Saw Himself Becoming Mr. Universe

Schwarzenegger became the youngest Mr Universe at the age of 20
Schwarzenegger became the youngest Mr. Universe at the age of 20

Arnold Schwarzenegger had to spend a week in prison for leaving in the middle of his military training. Upon returning, Schwarzenegger was not deterred, regretful, or even slightly guilty, since he had found his one true dream, which was to become the next Mr. Universe.


Speaking about his dream career, he says in his documentary,

“I saw my career in front of me. I saw myself on that Mr. Universe stage…… And I saw thousands of people in the Auditorium, in the theatre screaming ‘Arnold, Arnold, Arnold’.” 

He went on to say that it was not a dream he saw, but a vision. A vision in which he wholeheartedly believed. And because he believed, he was able to achieve it despite all the tribulations and afflictions he faced.

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