“I say ‘Go f—k yourself’”: Ridley Scott Sends One Angry Message to Blade Runner Haters for Criticizing One Aspect of Harrison Ford Starrer

Ridley Scott has a befitting reply for the critics who criticize Harrison Ford starrrer Blade Runner over one aspect

Ridley Scott Sends One Angry Message to Blade Runner Haters for Criticizing One Aspect of Harrison Ford Starrer


  • Ridley Scott addressed one criticism his 1982 sci-fi movie receives often by the modern audience
  • The director claimed that he finally watched the movie after 20 years but did not find the criticism valid
  • His comments were received with a mixed response
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Sir Ridley Scott is a filmmaker and producer best known for directing films in the science fiction, crime, and historical drama genres. He is also a strong admirer of Harrison Ford and wouldn’t take it when people talk bad behind his back. So when many ridiculed him and his 1982 sci-fi action movie, Blade Runner, for being ridiculous he had a strong response to all of them which he made public.


A long-lasting and successful friendship between Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford started with their partnership in the movie Blade Runner. Ford has referred to Scott as one of the best directors he has ever worked with, while Scott has lauded Ford’s intellect and work ethic. The two men have a great deal of respect for each other’s talents and have also been friends outside the workspace.

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

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Ridley Scott Claps Back at Blade Runner Haters

Ridley Scott was the director of Blade Runner and in the movie, Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard, a policeman who is asked to return to duty to find certain replicants or fake people. The 1982 film’s release was a critical and financial success but the movie has received some criticism in recent years, especially for how it portrays alien technology and biological creatures.

A still from Blade Runner
A still from Blade Runner

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In response to many accusations, Scott has defended the movie, saying that it is a complicated and thought-provoking movie that does not provide simple solutions. He has also expressed his pride in the movie and his conviction that it is still relevant today. Scott responded to criticism during an interview in the latest issue of Total Film Magazine


“I hadn’t seen ‘Blade Runner’ for 20 years. Really. But I just watched it. And it’s not slow. The information coming at you is so original and interesting, talking about biological creations, and mining off-world, which, in those days, they said was silly. I say, ‘Go f**k yourself.'”

Ridley Scott‘s comments have been met with mixed reactions. Many have attacked him for being dismissive of the criticism, while some have complimented him for speaking out in favor of the movie. Scott’s remarks serve as a reminder that Blade Runner is a sophisticated and thought-provoking movie that can be watched in a variety of ways. In the end, the movie was a massive success during the time of its release and it will go down in history as one of the best.

Ridley Scott’s Rise as the Best Filmmaker in the Industry

The story of Ridley Scott’s ascent to the position of top filmmaker in the industry is one of skill, vision, and tenacity. Before transitioning to direction, Scott started his career in television as a designer and director. He rapidly set a reputation for producing ground-breaking and spectacular work. His career as a significant Hollywood filmmaker was jumpstarted by his critically and commercially hit film Alien.

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

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Throughout his career, Scott has been producing top-notch movies. Scott is one of the most revered and influential filmmakers of his generation. He has received appreciation for his films’ breathtaking vistas, creative storylines, and subtle characters. Scott is renowned for his honesty in experimenting with many genres and fashions and he has been rewarded suitably for his voyage into the unknown.

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