“I still have doubts”: The One Attack on Titan Question That Will Eternally Bother Hajime Isayama

Hajime Isayama will forever be bothered by this one doubt he has about Attack on Titan.

The One Attack on Titan Question That Will Eternally Bother Hajime Isayama


  • Hajime Isayama has one doubt about Attack on Titan's end that will forever bother him.
  • Hajime Isayama also holds a lot of regrets regarding Attack on Titan.
  • Hajime Isayama feels Eren Yeager would have led a rotten life had the story taken a different turn.
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When Hajime Isayama’s superhit Attack on Titan was first released, it received spectacular reviews from fans worldwide. With a plot as splendid as the war manga one which surrounded the conflict between the Eldian people of Paradis Island with the people of Marley, fans were expecting the end of the series to be terrific as well, ending on a satisfying note.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

However, that was hardly the case, considering how not only do numerous lead and important characters lose their lives throughout the conflict, but the final chapters even brought about an unexpected truth about Eren Yeager–something that no one saw coming. And the question of whether the series deserved that ending or not is something that will eternally bother Isayama.

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Attack on Titan‘s Controversial Ending Will Forever Bother Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan ended on a controversial note
Attack on Titan ended on a controversial note

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After driving fans crazy with the impeccable storyline of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama ended it on a rather prickly note by having protagonist Eren Yeager take a complete villain turn and causing the Rumbling before getting killed by Mikasa. This earned him a lot of controversy from fans worldwide.

However, Isayama himself is stuck with the doubt that will haunt him for the rest of his life of whether he had actually landed the perfect ending for the series or not. During an interview with Crunchyroll News, he expressed his concerns about the same.


“I still have doubts within myself,” Isayama said. “Did I land it? I’m not even so sure. I still struggle on this point and I’m very sorry about that.” 

He then went on to share his regrets about the series and how much he wished he could have changed it.

“I have a lot [of regrets] actually. Whenever I look back at the story that I wrote, I have so many things that I wish that I could have done differently. It’s almost hard to name exactly what that was. Every time I look back on my stories, I’m always thinking about you know—remorse and regret is what I feel from looking back on my own stories.” 

Perhaps, this statement from Hajime Isayama will give fans the closure that they so desired from Attack on Titan‘s ending.

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Hajime Isayama Feels Eren Yeager Would Have Led A Rotten Life In A Different Ending

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

During the same interview, Hajime Isayama then shared his views on how he thinks Eren Yeager would have lived had he not joined the Survey Corps. He said:

“I think Eren would have had a rotten life. He would have an unfulfilling life, to be honest. And being inside of Paradis, he probably would have continued to be oppressed and possibly just extinct without anything he could do about it. Or he might have lived without knowing that his end was coming soon. He might have just continued to live the 13-year time limit.” 

Judging from his answer, it seems that everything just ought to have happened the way that it did and maybe anime fans will realize this with the gradual passage of time.


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