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“I think he’s super sexy”: Chris Evans Ghosted ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Jana Kramer Despite Actress Sliding Into His DMs, Claims Captain America Actor is a Great Kisser

“I think he’s super sexy”: Chris Evans Ghosted ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Jana Kramer Despite Actress Sliding Into His DMs, Claims Captain America Actor is a Great Kisser

American country music singer and actress Jana Kramer revealed her brief rendezvous with the popular Marvel star, Chris Evans as she claimed that the Captain America star ended up ghosting her instead after a rather embarrassing incident that took place when the two were apparently still going out.

Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer

According to the One Tree Hill star, the pair had gone out a few times almost a decade ago before the Knives Out actor had decided to cut it off with Jana Kramer following a humiliating “bathroom incident” which as per the 38-year-old, was what made Chris Evans ghost her. However, the Christmas on the River actress did reveal certain steamy details while she and PEOPLE’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ were still going out.

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Jana Kramer claims she went out with Chris Evans before he ghosted her

On one of the latest episodes of her podcast called Whine Down, Jana Kramer admitted to having gone out on “a few dates” with Chris Evans, but to her disappointment, The Gray Man star ended up calling it off before things could go any further after a certain embarrassing incident which took place on a “sleepover.”

Back when the two had been an item, Kramer claimed that Evans had called her over for a “sleepover” at his house in California. “To this day I’m actually sort of mortified…this is so embarrassing,” she recalled. According to the Country Crush actress, Evans had gone to use the washroom right after she had, and most likely had gotten horrified due to the “asparagus pee.” 

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Black Panther FandomWire
Chris Evans

“So I had asparagus for dinner that night so I went to the bathroom and he immediately went after me. And so that’s the last interaction that I remember is him going into the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with asparagus pee and never hearing from him again.” 

Kramer’s “asparagus walk of shame” out of Evans’ house really seems to have left a mark on her considering she’s still so appalled by the incident.

Jana Kramer talks about her kissing experience with Chris Evans

Even though things didn’t go the way Kramer had hoped or would have wanted them to, she still seemed to have had a rather good time with Evans for whatever duration they had been going out. The Soccer Mom Madam star revealed that she hadn’t “hooked up with him” the night of their sleepover but the pair had apparently shared a steamy kiss, as Kramer remarked Evans was a “great kisser” and “super sexy.” 

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GettyImages 955111434.jpg
Kramer had apparently slid into Evans’ DM’s after her “mortifying” incident

Her “mortifying” incident had apparently not deterred her from reaching out to the Avengers: Endgame star as Kramer admitted to “sliding into his DMs” just last year. Though it isn’t known whether Evans had replied to her or not, he’d been rumored to be involved with the Portuguese actress, Alba Baptista at the time so the odds don’t really look to be in Kramer’s favor. In fact, as per recent sources, the Snowpiercer star has been in a “serious relationship” with the Warrior Nun actress for over a year now and the two are said to be “in love” too.

Sorry Jana, but that old flame of yours is most likely not getting rekindled anytime soon.

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