“I think it’s in its own moment”: Charlie Cox Reveals She-Hulk Won’t Set Up Daredevil: Born Again, Wants Tatiana Maslany to Return the Favor With Best Friend Tom Hiddleston Appearing as Loki in His 18 Episodes Series

Charlie Cox Reveals She-Hulk Won’t Set Up Daredevil: Born Again, Wants Tatiana Maslany to Return the Favor With Best Friend Tom Hiddleston Appearing as Loki in His 18 Episodes Series

The highly anticipated appearance of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in the upcoming finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is nearing as the mid season trailer of the series reveals that the actor would not only be adorning his signature cowl, but he would also make an appearance as the incredible lawyer, Matt Murdock. Ever since Marvel revealed his involvement with the show, one question has been looming over everyone. Is She-Hulk setting up Daredevil: Born Again?

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Not only that, but the fans also went onto theorizing whether or not the Netflix series would be considered canon or not. Daredevil’s appearance was also hinted in episode 5 of She-Hulk with the cameo of his golden helmet.


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Daredevil’s Future With Regard To She-Hulk

When asked in a recent interview with Charlie Cox about whether or not She-Hulk is set to pave a path for Daredevil: Born Again, he stated against that. Being overjoyed to once again play the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is like a fever dream for Cox, one which he is glad to be a part of.


“This feels like we got invited to the party we always wanted to be invited to. To be starting on this journey again. To have the body of work that we have behind us, but we take some of that and the experiences we’ve had and now tell more stories again…it’s like a dream come true.”

Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022-).
Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022-).

His vision to see the hero back on screen is coming to life and by the looks of it, She-Hulk would be seeing him as the show requires him to be. Highlighting Jennifer Walters and would help her understand her journey as both an attorney and a superhero.

Although not setting up anything for his own upcoming series, She-Hulk will provide a fresher eye to the character and his own perspective towards becoming a hero, giving room to not only evolve as a character but also as a superhero.


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Cameos Within Daredevil: Born Again

With the involvement of Charlie Cox in Tatiana Maslany‘s series, the actor states about how much he enjoyed working with her and how much he looks forward to working with her even more. He even wants her to make her own appearance in Daredevil: Born Again, just as he did in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

Fans fear MCU will ruin Daredevil
Charlie Cox making his MCU debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home

“I loved working with her. It would be so cool if she could return the favor, just to return the favor. So that’d be really cool.”

He also remarked about having to work with Tom Hiddleston. Being one of his closest friends, he wishes to work with the actor knowing well enough that there isn’t much that connects their characters. He wants to see him cameo in the series, even if for a second, popping up with the Tesseract and then disappearing instantly.

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