“I thought he lost his place”: Jamie Foxx Lost Oscar Winning Role With Tom Cruise Because of His Immaturity at the Time in Hollywood

"I thought he lost his place": Jamie Foxx Lost Oscar Winning Role With Tom Cruise Because of His Immaturity at the Time in Hollywood
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Jamie Foxx is undoubtedly a great star. He has appeared in movies across genres ranging from comedies to action and sometimes he would do more serious roles. But the actor’s prowess on screen can be felt as he makes his characters, in most cases, justified.

Jamie Foxx lists among Hollywood's most marvelous actors of all time
Jamie Foxx

Recently, Foxx was seen in a boat with his family and friends after staying away from public appearances due to his medical condition. Reportedly, Foxx collapsed on the set of Seth Gordon’s Netflix film Back in Action. But going back to the past, Foxx has several interesting stories to tell, one involving action star Tom Cruise.

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Jamie Foxx Lost the Jerry Maguire Role

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise
Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise

Jamie Foxx has appeared in several significant roles in his career. The actor won an Oscar for his role in Ray while the star also worked with Hollywood’s iconic director Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained. However, appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the actor revealed that he lost a role in the Tom Cruise starrer movie, Jerry Maguire.

“I actually went to audition for Jerry Maguire and the story with that Tom Cruise is doing, you know, Jerry Maguire,” Foxx said. “So, they had the guy sees me read and LA and just, I want you to go to read TC [Tom Cruise] in New York.”

Foxx then asked, “Who?” and they said it was Cruise and the actor went to read. “As I’m reading I’m loud, ‘Show me the money, you know what I’m sayin’? You know what I mean?’” Foxx revealed while Cruise was reading his lines in silence. “So, I thought he’d lost his place.”

As Cruise said that he was waiting for Foxx’s line, the Ray actor went nervous as he recalled that he was sweating. 


“Anyway, I didn’t get the part and you know of course you know Cuba Gooding got the part. But I had to learn how to bring it down and then later on I did collateral with Tom Cruise and then got nominated for an Oscar.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for his role of Rod Tidwell in the movie for which Foxx auditioned.

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Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise Collaborated in Collateral

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise in Collateral
Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise in Collateral

Foxx and Cruise later appeared together in Michael Mann’s 2004 action thriller Collateral. The star-studded cast also includes Mark Ruffalo, Jason Statham, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Javier Bardem. Recalling the behind the scene of the movie Foxx revealed how the director warned him about the big star— Cruise.


“When I did get in Collateral, you know, I was sort of like, Michael Mann was like, hey you better get keep your stuff together cuz I’m, you know, making sure this movie works with it for the big star. And that’s how I knew I wasn’t a big star.”

Further, the actor recalled filming one scene where He and Cruise were in a car and sort of met in an accident as the car got out of control. But the crew was super attentive to Cruise while Foxx was ignored.

“We’re in the car and we’re driving was supposed to do this stunt where I crash into another car right? But it’s supposed to be a stunt but what happens is the car gets out of, out of control and I actually do crash into the car. When they get there, they’re like Jamie get out of the way. ‘Tom, are you okay?’ That’s where you know where you are.”

Cruise has always been a huge star and Foxx realized that working with him and his earlier experience with Jerry Maguire audition. 

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