“I was always picking fights”: ‘Barbie’ Star Ryan Gosling Got into Serious Trouble to Impress Girls

'Barbie' Star Ryan Gosling Got into Serious Trouble to Impress Girls
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The heartthrob of Hollywood, Ryan Gosling, is known for his charming personality. But what his fans don’t know is the mischievous side of his personality. Looking at the characters Gosling has played throughout his career, his versatility speaks for itself. However, it’s hard to imagine Gosling as a waggish guy.


Previously, during an interview, the actor himself agreed that he was a very troublemaker kind of kid in his childhood, and he was also given the nickname ‘trouble’ as it matched well with his personality. The actor revealed that he always messed up and got into fights. But what persuaded young Gosling to indulge in a fight?

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

Why did Ryan Gosling get into fights?

Ryan Gosling’s appearance as Ken in the latest film Barbie has proved that he is indeed a charmer. The actor has maintained the image of being nice and sweet throughout his career. However, Gosling wasn’t always like this.


Earlier, during an interview, the actor revealed that he had a messed-up childhood as he often indulged in fights. However, the reason behind his rogue behavior was utterly bizarre. The actor shared,

“I was always picking fights. Because I thought that was what the girls would like. I’d pick on the toughest guys because the girls liked them. So if I beat them up, the girls would like me. But it never worked.”

Young Ryan Gosling
Young Ryan Gosling

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Gosling indeed had a contrary personality to what he is today. The actor was greatly affected emotionally in his childhood, as at a very young age he saw the separation of his parents, and later this trauma resulted in his aggressive behavior.


During the years of his development, Gosling struggled a lot, both emotionally and physically. Gosling further shared that he always found himself in trouble, and even his mischievousness was highlighted to the extent that he got a nickname: ‘Trouble’. 

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How did Ryan Gosling become a Rouge?

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

During another interview with the New York Times, Ryan Gosling shared what coaxed him to be a rouge. The actor revealed that, as a child, he used to get bullied in school. After enduring the humiliation for a while, young Gosling decided to put an end to it. The actor said, 


“I walked into school. Everything got really quiet. I found one of the kids in front of a urinal. I smacked his face into the tile, and he bled. The other kid was at his desk. I picked up a math textbook and made his nose bleed. I didn’t want to do it. I don’t like violence. I never went back to that school again.”

This wasn’t the end of Gosling’s mischief, as later Justin Timberlake, who was once Gosling’s roommate, shared that they both did many pranks together. Timberlake said, 

“We drove into MGM Studios, which is totally illegal by the way. I was like, ‘What do you want to do thug?’ And Ryan was like, ‘I don’t know,’ cuz…because that’s definitely how we talked.”

However, with time, Gosling outgrew his troublesome behavior and evolved into a respectable actor today, whom people look forward to.

The Ryan Gosling-starring film Barbie is running worldwide in theaters.


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