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“I was arrested 4 times… for beating guys”: The Rock ‘Got his a** whooped’, Ended Up in Jail for Picking Fights With Bullies

The Rock ‘Got his ass whooped’, Ended Up in Jail for Picking Fights With Bullies

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does seem the type of guy to stand up to bullies and beat them to a pulp. Well, that’s exactly what the Black Adam star did before he became Dwayne Johnson. With the relative success of Black Adam, it’s time to go back down memory lane to when The Rock was arrested… 4 times.

An old interview video of Dwayne Johnson was uncovered during his early days in Hollywood. The Red Notice actor talked about his then-upcoming movie The Scorpion King and his days of spending time in jail.

The cheery Dwayne Johnson has done some time.
The cheery Dwayne Johnson has done some time.

When Dwayne Johnson Went To Jail For Beating Guys

Dwayne Johnson starred in the 2001 starrer The Mummy Returns, when he portrayed the role of the Scorpion King. Although infamous for its bad CGI scenes, The Rock found fame slowly and steadily as he was picked up for another project.

Dwayne Johnson in The Scorpion King (2002).
Dwayne Johnson in The Scorpion King (2002).

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Dwayne Johnson found his first project wherein he was the lead actor back in 2002. The Scorpion King acted as a prequel to The Mummy Returns and as a spin-off of the franchise. During one of his promotional talks on the SiriusXM showthe actor talked about the time he had to go to jail for beating up some guys.

“I was arrested four times and it was all for um…beating the guys” The Rock started saying. “I got into a couple of fights. One time I got my a** whopped” revealed Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock further stated that it was a bunch of guys that had beaten him during his adolescence. He revealed the reason for this fight stating that,

“It was one of those stupid things. I think it was the 15th stay after school and i fought this one guy and he had all his buddies with him. They beat the living sh*t out of me”.

The beating was not all that bad though, since Dwayne Johnson essentially saved a person’s life… by punching him.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Punch Saved A Person’s Life!

The Rock's punch saved a person's life!
The Rock’s punch saved a person’s life!

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As weird as it sounds, the Central Intelligence actor once saved a person’s life just by punching him! During the above-mentioned talk, Johnson revealed that he once beat a guy so bloody that they had to hospitalize him. The actor, however, in the end indirectly saved the person’s life.

“Then I hit this one guy when I was fifteen, it sounds a little self-serving and I didn’t know he wound up having a brain tumor. And I had no idea. He hit his head against the wall and went down, I kept punching him and he had to go to the hospital and they found out that he had a brain tumor.”

Due to the hospitalization, the person found a brain tumor during scans. This essentially saved the person’s life and Dwayne Johnson indirectly helped them achieve it.

Black Adam, the most recent project of Dwayne Johnson, is available to stream on HBO Max while The Scorpion King is available to stream on Prime Video.

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