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“I was definitely a little drunk”: Daniel Craig Offered Director to Helm $1.1B James Bond Movie Who Allegedly Had an Affair With His Wife Rachel Weisz After Kate Winslet Divorce 

Daniel Craig Offered Director to Helm $1.1B James Bond Movie Who Allegedly Had an Affair With His Wife Rachel Weisz After Kate Winslet Divorce 

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond featured numerous highlights for the enduring franchise, and director Sam Mendes’ Skyfall stands as one of the finest. It’s been an entire decade since the movie’s release, and with Craig having retired the Bond persona, he appears more open than ever to unveil some intriguing behind-the-scenes revelations.

Craig as James Bond
Craig as James Bond

One such revelation is that, in a rather inebriated state, he personally extended the offer to Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall without seeking prior approval. During a recent conversation with THR’s Awards Chatter Podcast, as reported by ScreenRant, Daniel Craig shared the intriguing backstory behind the decision to bring Sam Mendes on board to direct Skyfall.

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Daniel Craig Was Under Influence When He Met Sam Mendes

Evidently, the opportunity arose during their first reunion in quite some time. “I was definitely a little drunk,Daniel Craig recalled, as he rminisced about the moment when he and Sam Mendes reconnected, years after collaborating on Road To Perdition. Although discussions were ongoing regarding the director for the next Bond installment, the solution unexpectedly came to Craig while sharing drinks with Mendes. He recounted:

“It just became glaringly obvious to me, sitting opposite him. I was looking at him going, ‘Of course.’… And I just basically went, ‘I’m probably not supposed to say this, but do you want to direct the next Bond movie?'”

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

One could easily envision this situation spiraling out of control, considering Daniel Craig’s acknowledgment that he should have consulted with the appropriate parties before extending directorial offers.

However, Sam Mendes immediately accepted the proposition, and Craig’s inebriated suggestion ultimately resulted in one of the franchise’s most exceptional recent installments. Without Craig’s impromptu decision, it remains uncertain whether MGM executives would have considered the filmmaker, who, up to that point, was primarily associated with markedly distinct projects such as American Beauty and Revolutionary Road.

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Did Sam Mendes Have An Affair With Daniel Craig’s Wife

As the 2000s unfolded, a sense of stability settled over Hollywood. In 2003, Kate Winslet, renowned for her role in Titanic, tied the knot with director Sam Mendes. Simultaneously, Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky initiated a romantic relationship in 2001 and sustained a five-year engagement from 2005 to 2010. 

Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes

The year Weisz and Aronofsky ended their engagement, tabloids erupted with stories suggesting that Sam Mendes had strayed from his marriage to Kate Winslet, fueling insinuations of a connection between Mendes and Rachel Weisz. This rumor portrayed Weisz as the alleged “other woman” and Winslet as the heartbroken victim.

Nonetheless, contrary to the speculations, it was Daniel Craig who won over Rachel Weisz’s affections. Within a year of ending her engagement with Aronofsky, the actress entered into matrimony with Craig, and the couple now shares a daughter. Although Sam Mendes had shown interest in casting Weisz in one of his films, it was Daniel Craig who ultimately took the lead role in Mendes’ next project, Skyfall.

Skyfall is available for streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Screenrant

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